Sunday, 12 June 2011

French court delays ruling to help Lagarde's IMF leadership bid

I wrote only 2 days ago on how France is always prepared to bend the rules to help its own self interest. Now my opiniing has been vindicated. Mme Lagarde is accused of overstepping her authority to help prominent businessman and close friend of Sarkozy, Bernard Tapie over a controversial payment  to BT of €285 million. Mme Lagarde denies the allegations but sarky is taking no chances and has arranged for the court ruling to be delayed until after the French election.

Poor DSK. Had he faced allegations from a chambermaid in France I doubt we would have heard of it and we certainly would not have seen him marched off in handcuffs by the police. Us Brits have a mild dose of the same disease with the Attorney General refusing an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly. All governments will behave like this if they think they can get away with it. In the US they know they can't which is why I admire the US system, founded in part on the good old Scots declaration of Arbroath around 1410, so much.

A new contender has entered the IMF fray,  the Israeli central banker Stanley Fischer. Now which way will the US government so influenced by the Jewish lobby go now on the US IMF vote?  Its unlikely Mme Lagarde can win if the Yanks vote for Fischer. Sacre bleu!

Meanwhile across the pond in Euroland the ECB and the Krauts squabble over haircuts on Greek bonds and the Greek opposition party is now running ahead of the ruling PASOK party which has been steadily losing popularity since the first bail out and resulting austerity measures. Reuters reports the Greeks are ever more ready to take to the streets.

Mr Farage, what are you and UKIP doing to capitalise on this turmoil in Euroland?

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Anonymous said...

Hello Dr Eric Edmond,

I must say after reading all the comments of people saying on various newspaper sites eg telegraph about how we must vote UKIP I find it extraordinary that UKIP hasn't to my knowledge ever held protests when animal rights, students, environmental protests are held all the time. You would think that with everything happening in the EU right now UKIP should be the most popular visited website, farage should be appearing on almost every news station, protests whould be everywhere with the ukip banner. Where are UKIPS posters I don't see any...

Farage strikes me as one of those who choose a position in politics such as anti-eu just so he can get votes and be in power. He is on the gravy train himself and I doubt very much he wants to destroy it.

He is like all the other leaders say something do the opposite. I said this about clegg before the election, but the guardian readers hailed him as our obama, now look at how he has turned on those who voted for him.

Our only hope is for a new party to come along, that can gather the support of unions by physically creating industries again with the help of universities, stealing labours vote, (who are just globalist sellouts). The party must also gather votes for those concerned about the environment and animal rights, which the green party seem to be providing few solutions to, whose leader is a bit thick but talks down to everyone as if she knows it all. A party that gives free education to all, stealing libdems vote, if they get any next time... and a party that sorts out mass immigration.

I just get the impression UKIP is what the establishment want, a party that they setup to act as a drain/runoff for those annoyed with those that run the country and world, knowing that UKIP will not and does not want to challenge properly.

A revolution is on its way but it wont be orchestrated or led by any party that exists or any person we are aware of at the moment. Its up to the people to want change. When the students are ready the master appears...

Rant over.