Sunday, 14 August 2011

Del Young's emails have also been hacked

I wrote earlier this week about how my email system had been hacked and as a result I had received some silly replies from well known South West Faragistas. I spoke to Del Young at the end of the week and he recounted a similar tale. His emails had been hacked. His address book had been stolen and he was similarly puzzled as to why anyone should bother to do this.

The first common factor between Del and me is we both were elected and served on UKIP's NEC.  Del had previously, as I wrote, received telephone death threats which he reported to the police but no one was ever prosecuted although it seems the culprits were traced. The second common factor between us is that while on the NEC we opposed some of Mr Farage's proposals as not advancing our core policy to get out of the EU.

I do not believe in coincidence but I know smearing opponents is an all too common  and despicable tactic in UK politics. Del Young, David Abbott and myself have only ever stood up for UKIP's leave the EU policy. That UKIP's leadership now seems intent on joining a Pan European, EU sponsored party is a matter of deep regret to us and many other UKIP members and ex-members. I hope it fails and UKIP returns to its core values.

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