Saturday, 27 August 2011

Derek Hunnikin's UKIP papers

Derek Hunnikin joined UKIP in 1995 twelve years before I did. He sent me a series of documents detailing the unsavoury history of UKIP's hierarchy from 1995 to date. His email address is

I urge all interested in UKIP's fate to email Derek requesting a copy of his dossier.

I have never met Mike Nattrass and I know nothing of his views. I think UKIP's best hope lies with Nikki Sinclaire, whom I have met, and  who has been very active with her referendum campaign. I know  some of her other political views do not play well with some of UKIP's core support but I urge them to concentrate on the big issue of leaving the EU and not be beguiled by a sterile left wing right wing argument. One of the most effective and articulate opponents of the EU in the UK is Bob Crow, the far left, rail worker's leader!

One of the most telling comments in the dossier came from Robin Page who makes the point he was voted onto the governing body of the National Trust against the wishes of the NT establishment only after the NT started using the Electoral Reform Society to conduct is ballots. On the NEC I fought for UKIP to use the ERS for all UKIP elections.I  was bad mouthed by Farage, Whittaker, Derek Clarke, Denny etc  who clearly had their own agenda in these matters and deliberately mis-represented the service the ERS offered at a very competitive price..

I publish below the reply I have sent to Derek based on my own experience.

Dear Derek,

Thank you very much for sending me copies of the above. It must have taken a great deal of time and effort on your part to do this and I wholeheartedly thank you for this. I read all your documents and learned a great deal from them as I only joined UKIP in 2007!

I had worked for the UK government in the period 71/73 when Heath pushed through the Common Market Accession Act with a succession of dirty tricks. I thought then when I resigned from the Civil Service I had seen it all, that was until I met Nigel Farage!

Looking at the latest list of those standing for the NEC my heart sinks. Farage supporters and wannabe MEPs predominate.

Tim Congdon is a good man and excellent academic economist but lacks the ability to talk to ordinary people. Gerard Batten turns to jelly when opposed by Farage. John Bufton is ill and I doubt Trevor Colman wants to stand again given the villification he has had from SW committee members. William Legge, the belted Earl, is another Bannerman. He simply wants a political career after the Tories had multiply rejected him. Worse, his paid 'minder' is Malcolm Wood  a long term associate of Farage who shares many of Farage's characteristics.

I am sorry I have not been more help to you but my energies have been diverted to helping my wife and her French property these last six months. I agree with most of your sentiments and views on UKIP.
UKIP is the only political party I have ever been a member of and through it I met many fine people whom I still count as my friends. It is sad, but not surprising, to realise from your dossier that my UKIP experience merely repeated the experiences of those who had gone before and that if by chance in future any non - Farage supporter is elected onto the NEC list or MEP list I fear they will suffer the same fate!

I was elected both to the NEC and MEP SW slate on the democratic vote of UKIP members. UKIP is not a democratic party but a Farage cult and hence can never have any impact on UK politics


Eric Edmond

Farage's chosen  prosecutor for my fictitious damaging  of UKIP was Bannerman. I am still a paid up member and supporter of UKIP. We all know where Bannerman now sits in adoration of his new found political hero and hoped for political patron David Cameron.  So tell me Mr  Farage who was the traitor in UKIP and who the unjustly prosecuted honest supporter wrongly removed from the NEC and MEP slate at your instigation? .


Greg_L-W. said...


for the record and to maintain the continuum of fact as supplied upon my various blogs - where it will be noted there has in 1,000s of entries NEVER been a factual statement made by me on UKIP or any individual connected with UKIP that can be shown to have been materially wrong, misleading or in any way dishonest.

I have to ensure complete inclusion of the record posted Derek HUNNIKIN's documentation as per the numbered order in which they were supplied at:

For all to read - There is no need of anyone pestering Derek H. for the many 'e'Mails and the multiple attachments as it is now readily available at the address above.

It can be downloaded, printed, copied and used in any way individuals may wish to try, even at this late stage, to clean-up UKIP and make it electable by ethical individuals based upon knowledge and facts.

Anyone who has difficulty using the URL as supplied or forgets the whereabouts can go to my main UKIP-vs-EUkip blog and in the Right Side Bar look up Derek HUNNIKIN's entry and click on it - the whole story will lie before you to read and the URL is easy to remember and can be passed on with ease.

I trust this helps provide yet more information with which to clean-up UKIP and make it a part of the solution rather than EUkip's Farage Fan Club and a part of the problem!

Let us hope this moves OUR Country steadily towards the exit to Leave-The-EU


Eric Edmond said...

Thx Greg for putting Derek's dossier up on your blog. Its a valuable resource for any who want to find out the extent of the damage to UKIP done by Farage and his Cabal over many years. As you say it will save Derek answering many emails.

I trust you are recovering your health.

Greg_L-W. said...


thanks for the well wishes.

Despite 3 months of chemo and 20 doses of Radio Therapy it would seem they have failed to make me one fraction as ill as they had expected nor even lose my hair!!

I do not advocate the energy levels such treatment leaves in its wake but without the treatment I would have lost my 13 year battle with cancer in about June or July!

The one lesson to learn for others is that life is much too short for cheap wine and there is no doubt laughter is the best medicine, particularly when self deprecating!!

As to The Hunnikin documents - as you will appreciate many of them can be found as individual documents on the Right SideBar of:

Derek Hunnikin's compilation is in full also - via his name in The Right Side Bar.

As at now I would contend that UKIP is now so corrupt and corrupted as to be unfit for purpose and a part of the problem with no part in its solution.

WITHOUT radical change I am of the opinion that a vote or any support for UKIP is an act of treachery in betrayal of these United Kingdoms and its values and liberty.