Friday, 23 September 2011

UKIP needs to follow the proven strategy to get MPs

When I was attacked  by Duffy on the NEC with allegations I had a hidden agenda. I replied to her insolence that I had only ever had one agenda, to get the UK out of the EU in my lifetime. The silence was deafening and I well remember the look of horror on Farage's face. I waited for someone to say that's the agenda of us all but it never came. Farage's agenda is to stay on the EU gravy train as long as possible and maximise the EU loot he can trouser.

If UKIP wants the UK out of the EU that can only happen in one place and in one way, the House of Commons must repeal the 1972 European Communities Act. Such a Repeal Bill has already been tabled by Philip Hollobone, Tory MP for Kettering and is due for its second reading on 20th Jan 2012. What can UKIP do to assist the passage of this bill which would deliver their core aim. Precisely nothing because they have no MPs! Many will speak in support of Mr Hollobone's bill but not UKIP MPs.  The awful truth the loyal UKIP membership has to face up to is that their chosen leader Nigel Farage does not wish the UK to leave the EU. He wants to continue taking the EU's Euros for himself and to pay the Cabal to say nothing of the huge EU pension that will eventually come his way. He wants to continue to bask in the cheap publicity of slagging off Barroso or Rumpy or Frumpy and appearing on QT and AQ  . Sorry poor UKIP members but you have been well and truly had!

I sometimes read the comments in the UKIP section of democracy forum with some amusement. Click on link to read the whole thread. The orginator complains,

"The only time we seem to hear anything from UKIP is just before the EU elections when we see Mr Farage giving one of his speeches and then once elected its all quiet until next EU elections.
Which way did UKIP MEPs vote on expenses for example?"

Its a very good question and the answer is that's where the money is for Nigel and his chums!

Another comment by a different person on the same thread,

"Yeah there doesn't seem to much in the way of activity. It's like a part-time things. The website is updated about once a week and the policy page is still a mess imo."

At the NEC I caused uproar by asking why we were sending MEPs to Brussels? What were they achieving there? Would they not better further our leave the EU cause by staying in the UK and work there to get District and County Councillors elected in target areas to build up some UK support bases that would give us a chance at winning UK parliamentary elections? The Greens did this recently in Brighton and the LibDems have followed this strategy to get them for 4 or 5 MPs in the 80s to the 50+ they have now and oh yes they  now govern the UK with their Tory fellow travellers.

That is the proven strategy that UKIP should have been following since its inception.but its hard work, there is no EU sized  money in it and no national publicity so it does not appeal to Mr Farage and his chums. Parliamentary constituencies are built up of County and District Council wards. Win enough wards, establish your credibility in running District or County councils and you eventually get MPs elected. . Prat around on one off publicity stunts like Farage gets you nowhere except into plane crashes!

I stood for the UKIP SW MEP list mainly to reduce the Fargistas on the SW slate by one. My election address is still on by website  At the hustings I stated that if eventually elected I would give my entire MEP salary to UKIP, go to Brussels as little as possible, travel the country and work my socks off in the UK with UKIP's great activists and lobby every media editor incessantly to get as much publicity in the UK for our cause. I also stated I would donate my entire MEP after tax salary to UKIP. This upset Gawain Towler a long time  associate of Farage. He thought this was an underhand tactic on my part! Well it would have given UKIP a certain £250000! I see nothing underhand in that. What has William Legge given to UKIP during his UKIP MEP tenure? Or an easier question how much will Bannerman give to UKIP? Both Legge and Bannerman were strong Farage supporters. How much has Farage himself given to UKIP? Not a lot in all three cases I opine. Yet these are the same people who ask hard up OAPs to cough up their money for UKIP! How sickening.

Motivated unpaid activists working to the strategy above our cause can succeed. Career paid  politicians particularly old Tories like Neil Hamilton with a lot of baggage or juveniles driven by self interest and desire for a 'political career' will do nothing to get us out of the EU. Ours is a cause not a career path for those who lack the talent for success in proper jobs.

Right now the EU is weaker than it ever has been since its inception. There is a head of steam building up in Westminster for at least a partial reduction in EU governance of our country.  The numbers of Tories supporting this will worry Cameron. Think how much more worried he would be if there were UKIP MP's in the Commons articulating our cause! Look at the influence and control 50 LibDems have over 300 frustrated Tories. Where are UKIP's leaders? In the bars and restaurants of Brussels. There won't be any crucial parliamentary votes there Nigel!


david abbott said...

Has any country, people or cause ever won a war while being financed by the opposition?

Eric Edmond said...

No, never!!

Greg_L-W. said...


I could not resist posting this>

>>Quote Originally Posted by Niall Warry View Post:
>>Dr E Edmond speaks more sense about EUkip.

Dr. Eric Edmond's Blog: UKIP needs to follow the proven strategy to get MPs

There really are none so blind as will not see!

UKIP's spokesman >Independent UKIP< widely believed to be the odious and cowardly little Ray Finch when off warehouse dities!

Makes a complete fool of himself with this effort which is no more than his usual pack of lies!
>>Edmond wanted UKIP to completely desert large parts of the UK in favour of the BNP. Quite how the UKIP activists in the North of England (who were not to be allowed to contest any seats under his plans) were meant to get UKIP MPs elected in the South West of England was never explained. But what is certain is that his desired strategy for UKIP would lead to the destruction of the party and no MPs for any avowed Eurorealist party.<<

Nowhere does Eric mention The BNP, nowhere does Eric mention abandoning any UK area - Ray Finch sir you are a dishonest and sordid little coward - a political lick spittle running errands and clearly too stupid and dishonest a coward to get elected to anything!