Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dave has to choose, the City or Brussels

The boy is not looking too well recently as Barroso and the other EU crats gradually force him into a corner. He has either to choose the EU, sacrifice the City and face his enraged back benchers and more importantly his City backers or defend the City and his country and be hurled into the European outer darkness and face an early election in the UK. Dave is between a rock and a hard place. Just what he deserves.

The Euro crisis rolls on and is now lapping at the shores of the Fatherland. Italian bond closed at 7.17% tonight with German bunds now yielding more than UK gilts. The Eurozone economy is in dire straits. As for the UK EU philes with their 40% of UK exports go to the EU well 40% of zero is zero and thank God we have still got 60% left at worst. The lesson for UK business and UK governments is don't put all your eggs in one basket. Since the days of Henry VIII no good ever came to the UK from being in Europe but the siren voices as always sing its different this time. The war to end all wars, peace in our time and the biggest current lie the EU has kept the peace in Europe since 1945. Well no did not. The American lead NATO did that despite De Gaulle's best efforts to sabotage it.

Is EUKIP well placed to capitalise on this once in a lifetime opportunity? Is it ready to mobilise a mass campaign to leave the EU on the streets of the UK? Well no, it spends most of its time in Brussels working for the EU.

I have great faith in the ordinary British people. I hope for a great grass roots uprising driven by mass unemployment, falling living standards and a burning sense of financial injustice. John Redwood wrote a very amusing piece on the army pointing out that as the army shrinks the number of top brass increases. We could put three battalions of Lieutenant Colonels, some 1800 men in the field tomorrow. We have three full Colonels for every battle tank. Great except none of them no how to drive the things. So no danger of the army being used in a Churchillian manner to quell  the rebellious plebs. They are all driving desks in Whitehall.

We have not had a good revolution for a while and by Jove we need one now to save our country from the LibLabCon, BBC watching Guardian indoctrinated political elite.

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