Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Democracy is reborn in Greece

Its appropriate that the Greeks have re-invented the Athenian Boule of 500 BC where all citizens had a vote on government policy. Good for Mr P. It does not matter which way the referendum goes only that it is held! Its great that the hopeless Greeks can organise a referendum in a month but the Rolls Royce minds of the British political elite cannot organise one in two years! The reason is that the Greek politicians want a referendum and our political elite do not! Its their worst nightmare people voting.

Hannan's piece in today's DT entitled, "Eurocrats are utterly terrified of democracy" sums it up.One of the Greek MPs called it a catharsis. Spot on lady! Catharsis comes at the end of a Greek tragedy after the hubris that has gone before.

I would widen Hannan's argument. It applies to the political class in our own country just as much. Politicians hate elections and the democracy it brings. They prefer to work behind closed doors fiddling their expenses.

Is it a coincidence that the most prosperous country in Europe, Switzerland, is the one that has the most referendums and gives the least power to its political class. Obviously no coincidence given the number of times the Swiss have voted down their government's policies.

Poor old Mr P he will be ganged up on and beaten up in Cannes by EU's Gestapo and SS but his battle is our battle so I hope our MEPs will take every opportunity to support the Greek referendum.  

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