Wednesday, 9 November 2011

How the EU is destroying our democracies

As I write Italian 10 year bond rates have hit 7.4%. a spread to bunds of  5.5%/ Italy has to fund 300bn € debt next year/ That will now cost them an extra 16.5bn € per annum in interest payments compared to Dr Frau Merkel. Eyewatering, and remeber the Italians have nearly 2 trillions of government debt.

The response of the EU is to urge an Italian  government of national unity headed by a 'technocrat' former member of the ECB council ie an unelected, unaccountable Eurocrat house trained already to carry out Brussel's wishes. It is the exactly the same solution that the EU is imposing on Greece, a governament of national unity headed by a Eurocrat technocrat. This  is the death of democracy in both these countries. Neither has our 700 year democratic tradition to fall back and both have been within living memory military dictatorships. Note how even in the UK our government of national unity enabled the LibDems to tear up many of  their electoral pormises to our own students and kow tow to their Brussel's masters befouling our democracy in the process.

The EU has already exploited the Eurozone crisis to bring down the democratically elected governments in Ireland and Portugal and now Italy and Greece. It is destroying democracy and bring us all in to a Napoleonic  Soviet system with all power concentrated in a ruling politburo under the Reichsfuerher. Captain Mannering would  be more effective against this foreign takeover than  the current UK political class of juveniles and party arse lickers.

I wrote some time ago that the crucial conflict in the EU will be fought on the ground of EU Brussels interests versus national politicians seeking re-election. This is no where seen more clearly than in the current argument over the ECB printing money just like the Bank of England. The French and the Latins all want it but Dr Frau Merkel knows it would alienate her totally from the hyper-inflation scarred German electorate and lead her and her party to electoral annihilation. She is not a lady to be gainsayed.

Sarkozy whizzo idea that La France is so terrifically important that the world would bail him out met defeat at the hands of the US Sino alliance in Cannes. European solutions for EU problems is what Obama said to the would be Napoleon. The real one of course met his nemesis in a field just outside Brussels at the hands of the Prussians. I opine Sarkozy may meet a similar fate if only we Brits can pluck up the courage to do as we did at Waterloo and help the Prussians

John Redwood put it thus earlier this week:

The Euro destroys a big part of national democracy. The issue then is how do people change the policy if it is not working or they do not like it? Democratic consent relies on the ability to change policy as well as personnel and on  the hope of a better tomorrow. Euroland politicians have a big task in maintaining  that consent. Blocking the Greek referendum was a political mistake.
Euroland politicians also have a big challenge to set out a compelling vision of how this can work and why it might be better. If they do not allow sensible democratic opposition and proper consultation of the people affected by their one size fits all policy, people will find other ways of dissenting. That is how we have reached the point in Greece where many do not see the need to pay their taxes..

It is also important to know the enemy and understand how he thinks and operates. Thus Richard North wrote criticising Freddy Forsyth's lack of understanding of the acquis commutaire:

Most have nothing more than the vaguest understanding of the nature of the EU, its origins and its workings, their brains clouded by a fog of ignorance and incomprehension. Clear that fog and the issues become clear. We are in the European Union, and remain members bound by its rules, not because of the acquis, but because parliament permits it.

The European Union is not the problem. Parliament is the problem – and it is to there, not Brussels, that our wrath should be directed. The EU is not a matter of foreign domination, as so many eurosceptics wish to believe. It is what our parliament does to us. Everything else is babble.

When this is understood, we might start to get somewhere.

Dead right Richard and that is why Farage's EUKIP is so useful to the EU. It diverts almost the entire UK anti-EU effort from where the real battle must be fought to an unending series of Duchess of Richmond's Brussels balls. Britain's battles may have been won on the playing fields of Eton but they certainly will never be won in the pubs of Brussels or the impotent EU talking shop where Farage postures and preens himself.


John Page said...

Did the good Captain not spell his name Mainwaring? :)

Eric Edmond said...

I stand corrected for my awful typing

Ruth Page said...

I cannot understand why media commentators (and everyone else) are not screaming from the rooftops about this further EU takeover. How can they just overthrow democratically elected politicians? However bad they may be. Why isn't everyone shouting about it? How long before they oust Cameron and impose europhile Clegg on us? How long do we, the great British public, just sit back and do/say nothing? WHO WILL SPEAK FOR US? As Remembrance Sunday is upon us, one feels compelled to ask "What was the point of the sacrifice of all our soldiers/airmen/sailors in the two World Wars?

Eric Edmond said...

Ms Page, I entirely agree with you. The EU is a religious crusade and article of faith amongst our left wing dominated media, the BBC, Guardian etc so they will never criticise the EU's anti-democratic actions.

It is more puzzling to understand the silence from the DT and Daily Mail. I can only suggest they might see it a damaging the Tories to criticise the EU.

We have gone to war to impose democracy in Iraq, Afghan and Libya and many British soldiers have died but it seems the defence of democracy stops at Calais and does not apply to Europe.

Note also our elected representatives, MPS have not said anything on this topic. They are passionate and vocal on this topic in China etc but the EU seems to be the ultimate sacred cow so hear no truth, see no truth, speak no truth about the EU. Like the pope its doctrines are infallible.

Eric E