Sunday, 13 November 2011

Lions led by donkeys all over again

Today I went to the Armistice day service in our local village church. I did it for my grandmother whose adored elder brother, Sergeant William MacKenzie a regular with the Royal Scots died at Loos in 1915. There can be very few UK indigenous families who did not suffer a similar loss. I detest those who now claim British citizenship and denigrate and demonstrate against our armed forces whilst hiding behind their human  'rights'. These rights were bought with the lives of these brave men and women who fought and died for this country.

Loos ended as a bad reverse because of French insistence to attack over ground that Douglas Haig regarded as unsuitable. Have we learned nothing in the intervening 100 years about bowing to French dictates? Its always paid for by sacrifice of  British interests

I have always regarded the First World War as a Franco Prussian war we should never have been involved in. It ruined this country morally and financially. John Redwood wrote a piece today confirming he shares my views on WWI.

"I developed more of a dislike of the politicians who thought this was a necessary and worthwhile war. The first war lacked the cause that a hated ideology and the fanatical treatment of non Germans by Hitler gave to the second. It lacked the sense that the UK had to stand alone and fight to preserve her independence from tyranny that the nation shared in 1940. In 1914 the Uk went to war over the Balkans and ended up fighting shoulder to shoulder with France in what was yet another Franco-German dispute. The Uk could have stayed out of it, safe in the knowledge that her mighty navy shielded the homeland from threat and her Empire offered her trade and commercial interests."
John Redwood then goes on with another argument that I have made and EUKIP should be making but of course are not/

"If there was a strand of common policy that provided some justification in the twentieth century it was the wish to avoid any single power dominating the continent. How ironic that today the UK’s foreign policy seems based on encouraging France and Germany to unite, when the twentieth century saw us fight two huge wars to prevent just such an outcome. We can be proud of and grateful to our armed forces. We should pause to ask if the politicians spent too many lives and too much treasure in European interventions."

As I opined yesterday this minority Tory government whose only interest is in staying in office does not have a European policy. The vacuum is filled by the EU worshipping Lib Dems. It's a disaster for the UK if this is allowed to continue.

There is one small ray of hope. Despite its hopeless and inept leadership the EUKIP vote has gone up to 7% in the polls. This indicates the huge anti-EU feeling now in the country. The last time something like this happened was just before the 2010 European election when the main three political parties all managed to shoot themselves in both feet over the expenses scandal. EUKIP doubled its expected number of MEPs on the back of this good fortune. Farage of coursed just pissed this away. His overweening hubris, EUKIP c'est moi, as they say in Brussels, stopped UKIP from backing Nikki Sinclaire who was doing such great work getting a parliamentary debate for a referendum and mobilising voting support in Parliament.

It is time for the ordinary branch members of UKIP to support Nikki and kick out Farage and his loathsome Cabal. Take a leaf out of the Merkel's EU book and install a group of technocrats to run UKIP properly and on a sound financial basis. The feeling in the country against the EU is now so strong that all UKIP has to do is wait, keep its nose clean, support Nikki  and the prize will fall into our lap. Having people like Hamilton prominent in UKIP is barking mad. UKIP now needs people  probity, honesty,integrity and competence to succeed electorally in Westminster elections. That's what Merkel is trying to achieve in Italy and Greece. Just imitate her and succeed! Spivs and failed disgraced politicians equals Berlusconni in the electorates now opened eyes.

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