Friday, 4 November 2011

Merkel's Prussian boot is on Europe's throat

Almost 100 years ago the UK became involved in a horrendous European war that destroyed our country economically and morally to defend the sovereignty of what was then portrayed in the British papers as 'poor little Belgium. Now we have to endure Merkozy kicking the daylights out of the Greeks having three years previously kicked the Irish over the wrong referendum result and not one of our political leaders from any party dare say boo to this bullying Prussian woman and her evil manipulative dwarf French henchman.

Why do you thing the Greek finance minister came out at 4:00 am that morning to denounce the Greek referendum plan? He had a call from Merkozy. Its called interfering in the internal political affairs of another nation something that Adolf Hitler specialised in. This bullying Franco Prussian interference in the affairs of other sovereign European nations can do nothing but harm and lay the foundations for further European conflicts.

This is what loss of sovereignty means in practice. Its all been too boring for the British to bother about. You don't bother about it until the Prussian jack boot kicks your bum. Essex man and Essex girl with their City jobs are soon going to find out what Merkozy has planned for them.

I wish Merkozy's threat to kick Greece out of the Euro had been called. Why? I don't know how they would do it. Six years ago I participated in a half day meeting dealing with how a country could leave the Euro. Many of the City of London's best brains were all there but nobody had the slightest idea how exit from the Euro could be managed. I don't think Merkel or the dwarf has an clue how to do it either.

UK government policy is a shambles. Cameron said this afternoon the UK would contribute more to the IMF to help with the Eurozone crisis. That money is just a hidden bung for Merkozy's hubris. Its the ECB's job to print the money to do this and save the Eurozone from meltdown but the Huns with their inflation hang up wont let the ECB do this. Why do we have to pander to German paranoia while allowing the Bank of England to debauch our own currency? Cameron and Osborne should defend  British interests but they are enslaved by the Euro phile FCO plus the 56 LibDem MPs/ One simple number Cameron your 81 Tory rebels outnumber these Lib Dems yet they have no ministerial posts or salaries like Clegg and his awful cronies. The Boy could soon be toast.

The much vaunted Greek rescue deal is not about saving Greece but about saving the Euro. Mr Papandreou knows this. The other motivating force is that French banks are the counterparties in many Greek Credit Default Swap deals. These would be triggered in the event of a declared Greek default. Could these French banks meet their contractual obligations.Not a hope. They would be bankrupt and the French government could not raise the money to save them on their name. The would  have to grovel big time to Merkel and the Chinese.

I would not be surprised to see a military government soon in Greece. Time for the panzers Dr Frau Merkel?

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