Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Prober outlines EUKIP's failings

There is someone who posts on Butcher's forum under the nom de plume Prober who is one of the few worth reading on that site. Most of the posts are made by anonymous Farage wannabee MEPs eg Gothmog  who are scared to post under their real names and are impervious to huge volumes of inconvenient facts. Click on link to read Prober's latest effort. Its on a thread started by Niall Warry on the topic "What should our Exit and Survival Strategy be from the EU?"

Niall Warry has correctly identified this as a major defect in EUKIP's  largely non-exisitent political strategy. The lack of any coherent strategy is a result of EUKIP degenerating into a Farage cult with talented members being smeared and removed to join the swelling army of former UKIP members which now far outnumbers UKIP members.

I quote Prober's post in full below:

"Clegg says (unchallenged) that UK has to stay subordinate to EU because 2 million jobs and 40% of our exports ( implying 40% of our income) is bound up with EU and would be lost if we pulled out.

One would have thought that ages ago UKIP would have articulated and quantified on its website a vision for a future of and step by step pathway to a UK outside the EU emerging as a global 
outward looking production and bilateral international trading link nation ....to replace the inward looking future of being hampered by a declining high cost EU. An essential part of such public
education would be to identify and realistically quantify the short and long term political and economic costs and and benefits and what would need to be done to ensure that the man in the street is not hit in the pocket and how he would benefit.

In addition, the idea that after (if) UK walks away or renegotiates membership, the EU (despite its problems) is just going to disappear makes UKIP look head in sand ridiculous. To establish its credibility UKIP should have on its website its identification of what a future EU could be like ( an association of free nations in co-operation and negotiated bilateral free trade with no powers over nations) , how it could be structured , how a pathway could come about and what savings would result and what UK's relationship to it would be. UKIP was wedded to election campaignprinciples of "keep it simple just say " NO !" That gets 16% of the vote .

Note that if a referendum on pull out from the EU is held today it would be lost because the "fear factor" would overcome antipathy towards the EU. One would have thought that a prime objective of UKIP would be public education targeted to overcome that fear. Its shop window ( its website) doesnt seem to indicate it is very important.

A party hungry for success would deeply attack the record of big 3 MPS and failure of their parties as cant or wont provide the EU solution in the interests of UK people. UKIP hardly tries except for the odd squeak and MPs can ignore UKIP with impunity. UKIP as a party seems to be an invisible except on displacement activity ( English parliament , MEPs in Pan European party or not, pub campaign) , ... almost an irelevant spectator of events going more or less its way . Despite once having more MEPs than Labour BBC dont invite UKIP on newsnight when economists and EU officials are deliberating EU solutions/problems or the domestic economy is the subject. That fits the concept of a party happy for events to take their course and relieved to disband and support Tories (a la Pearson ) if a referendum is achieved and UK pulls out of the EU. It doesnt fit the concept of a party that has a domestic credibility long term vision."

 The problem is EUKIP's laziness. They don't do the research and homework required to rebut and expose LibLabCon lies. Their back up research where it exists is poor quality. Not surprising as the researchers are appointed because of their unquestioning support for Farage and desire for MEP slots rather than talent and ability. This is  mirrored in the poor quality and lack of effort of many of their MEPs like William Legge, Bloom, Nuttall etc. They just want to pose and preen before the diminishing EUKIP faithful and like Farage hope for invites on to Newsnight etc. The problem is they are empty barrels and have nothing worthwhile to say so the invites have dried up. They are not interested in the hard graft and grind of politics like setting up a decent web site, keeping it up to date with relevant facts and authoritative opinion.

Are the Hamiltons, the face of Tory sleaze in the 90s, the people to change this? I don't think so but mores the pity obviously some UKIP members do. 

I compare them with John Redwood who sends out his email every day to anyone interested. Its well researched, well written and commands respect. Redwood is of course a very able man backed up by able researchers.

Farage and his cabal lack depth of knowledge and ability. They are being exposed as shallow and inconsequential compared to Alex Salmond and his able team. EUKIP has to change and Farage and his cabal have to be got rid of or our leave the EU cause is dead. 


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