Sunday, 4 March 2012

EUKIP, the pantomime goes on

I attended our village panto last night, Little Red Riding Hood, but I cast my mind back to last year's panto Aladdin and I was struck by its similarity to the latest goings on in EUKIP. New lamps for old was how the evil Abanazar persuaded Aladdin's newly acquired wife to part with the magic lamp.

Thus it s with EUKIP except its one old Tory, DCB out for another old Tory Roger Helmer in.  Aladdin is none to street wise and is easily hoodwinked by Abanazar pretending to be his uncle. In my metaphor Aladdin represents EUKIP's gullible membership. In the story Aladdin gets married to Princess Badroulbadour the Emperor's daughter. In my metaphor the Emperor is Cameron and thanks to Guido Fawkes' blog the princess is clearly Princess Top Tory Totty so I guess there was a young Tory involved in the exchange as well.

I leave it to you to identify and cast Abanazar. Its a hard one as there are so many possibilities in the EUKIP bazaars of Brussels.

Until someone comes up with the magic ring and gets its genie to make all these old Tories disappear in a puff of fag smoke there is no hope for EUKIP.

Far fetched? Well look at where EUKIP's last summer's old Tories recruits the Hamiltons are now. They are starring in Cinderella at the Kettering theatre with Christine Hamilton as the Fairy godmother (poor casting) and Neil as Baron Hardup so no change there then.

This is of course the Hamilton's second foray into panto. They previously appeared in Jack and the Beanstalk at the Guildford Theatre. Guildford was a Tory disaster in the 2001 election so clearly they needed Neil and Christine to cheer them up.

The star of last year's Strictly, Anne Widdecombe recently appeared in Snow White at Dartford. Click on link to view this triumph. Feel free to post your guess of who Miss W's partner is. 

Let us wind up with a true panto gag:

- Do you know what happens to people who don't tell the truth?
- No, what?
- They become Members of Parliament.

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