Thursday, 5 April 2012

Greek despair forces pensioner to suicide

A Greek pensioner committed suicide yesterday outside their parliament building. The 77-year-old retired pharmacist, Dimitris Christoulas, shot himself in the head on Wednesday after saying that financial troubles had pushed him over the edge. A suicide note said he preferred to die than scavenge for food. 

This is a professional man driven to take his own life by the EU enforced austerity programme.Its that bad. Does
 the EU care? Of course not their idiotic project justifies all. Reuters reports Greek police recorded another 4 serious suicide attempts this week by people driven to despair by financial pressures.

This is playing big in the coming Greek election scheduled for 6th May if the EU allow the Greeks to vote. Its not just us who are diddled out of their democratic rights!

The Greek people's main anger is directed against the two main Greek parties who have held power since the Colonels gave it up. They are facing melt down. For the EU the nightmare is they will be faced by extremist parties of either the left or right. Meanwhile Jeff Randall reported tonight Portugal needs another bail out. No rest for the ECB printing press then.

When we in the UK get to this stage conditions will be ripe for us to leave the EU. I make one prediction. Farage and his EUKIP cult will not be involved. Piss ups are their speciality.

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