Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spanish austerity puts UK to shame

24%+ of Spaniards are out of work. Almost 50%  of its under 25s are unemployed. The Spanish government is pressing on with the right kind of austerity, public sector budget cuts. It has cut the budget of its Foreign service by an eye watering 50%. as for its foreign aid that has been eliminated completely. Would that our government had the courage to do the same but I suppose there are too many Old Etonians in the FCO to allow it to happen in the UK. As for foreign aid why we have just increased it. Crity does not begin at home for the LIbDEms but with corrupt foreign regimes in poverty stricken countries.

Wolfson's little prize on how to exit the Euro is down to a short list of five. I hope Dr Frau Merkel is on the judging panel.

At some stage the markets are going to take a hard look at the UK and I don't think they will like what they see. A-levels have been a steadily devaluing currency over the last 30 years. Gove is correct to put control into the hands of University academics but he is holding back from the crucial reform, get rid of the plethora of examining boards and have a national exam! Profit making Exam boards have an inbuilt conflict of interest. Raise standards and reduce your profits and go out of business. Its a no brainer, to raise standards we need one national exam. It also make recruitment and university place offers a whole lot easier.

Still we will no doubt bumble on with our LibCons until the markets blow the whistle on their total incompetence.  

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