Thursday, 7 June 2012

Crunch time for the EU

Things are converging to the mother of all crises in Euroland. My biggest mistake has been to underestimate the insanity and selfishness of the ruling EU political class. They will now push for a full federal state using every dirty trick and scare story they can muster. They have already turned Greece into a third world state and destroyed democracy in Italy but still they push on with their idiotic policies.

They have plenty of previous in this area. The great French hero Napoleon lost half a million men in his Russian campaign yet still he is regarded as a national hero! A century and a half later Hitler repeated the error. He lost 250000 men at Stalingrad refusing every request from the commander on the ground to try and break out. The British of course have their great General Haig whose obstinacy cost hundreds of thousands of British soldiers their lives in WWI.

I remember a discussion I had with Trevor Colman some years ago on the Euro crisis where I opined the crunch would come when Spain started to crumple. That time has now arrived and the crisis is upon us. The politicians clearly don't know what to do other than have another meeting which achieves nothing.

The Eurocrats however do know what they will do. For them its a beneficial crisis and the solution is more of the same medicine increasing their power, salaries and influence. Watch Cameron & Merkel tonight on TV to see how bad things are. Merkel thinks Cameron's position is laughable. The Eurocrats will win because there is no effective opposition. The Britsh FCO will not push for radical reforms. That would be "irresponsible" in their view. The FCO clearly sees its responsibilities lie with supporting their fellow bureaucrats not the British people who pay their salaries.

There is now a gathering momentum for some sort of EU referendum in the UK. This will of course be fixed to get the result the EU wants by the wording of the question(s) and the weight of media coverage. What is the EUKIP leader Mr Farage doing to prepare for this referendum ? Ordering another round in Murphy's bar I bet.

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