Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The EU is already a sovereign state in US eyes

I am thinking about applying for a football pundit job following the success of my little PIGS success prediction. Three out of four correct is good fishing!

I was struck tat at the G8 meeting there were 10 attendees. The extra two were Barroso, I will take no lessons from anyone on democracy and Farage's bank clerk friend von Rumpy Pumpy. As Mr Farage asked of Rumpy, 'Who voted for you?'

It got worse at the G20 when Frumpy was added to the EU state delegation and Barroso lost his cool like a Biggle's dago.

This is happening because the US since Kissinger have always wanted a Europe state to deal with. It makes things so much easier for the US administration. Barroso, Frumpy and Rumpy are happy to oblige the US in this matter although both Barroso and Rumpy hate the US for its democratic processes and habeus corpus based legal system. But did any of UKIP's MEPs pick up on this? Of course not.

There is a good piece by Jeremy Warner in today's DT questioning the justification for the BoE's frenetic money printing euphemistically called quantitative easing. It is of course driven by a desire to be seen to be doing something helped of course by Paul  Tucker's fanatical desire to be next Governor which he hopes to achieve by pleasing those in who have the post of big G in their gift ie Dave and wee George.

QE money printing benefits the feckless especially the government hugely by buying up loads of gilts at diminishing interest rates. Who loses? Pensioners mainly and the other thrifty with savings.in building societies.

What should the BoE be doing? Well nothing as Warner points out  as does Terry Leahy in his book. To do nothing takes courage so we won't be seeing that from our politicos.

I predict a Germany Spain final. A pity about England especially for Steve Gerrard 


Anonymous said...

What did you make of Farage on Newsnight earlier in the week?

Eric Edmond said...

He did OK but got out debated by my next door neighbour P Pantsdown. Its the way things will be come referendum time