Monday, 18 June 2012

Greek lessons for the UK EU imposed austerity

The Greeks have voted the 'right way'. New Democracy has just enough seats with their former enemies PASOK to form a coalition government, a bit like a LabCon coalition in the UK, but will it be able to run and reform Greece. I doubt it.There will be a relief rally in the Euro markets and warm words from the EU for the Greek people but nothing has changed. The Greek cartoon showing the fork in the road with one path leading to the graveyard and the other into a unknown black cloud sums it up.

I am concerned that when our chance comes in the now inevitable referendum the UK electorate will buckle under the same pro EU pressure and vote for the graveyard. At least the Greeks had a decently led left wing opposition to the EU austerity which we don't have in the UK.

I can remember the last UK EU referendum of 1975 in which the whole political establishment, LibLabCon, the CBI, the TUC and of course the BBC lined up to back a lets stay in the EU vote. The stay in also had a huge financial advantageover the leave campaigners which were portrayed as extremists, populists or any other derogatory term the political elite could think of. I expect it will be the same next time with Shirl etc making dire warnings of job losses and 50% or is it 60%+ of our trade is with the EU. Faced with the certainty of the graveyard and the uncertain outside the EU brave new world I have no doubt the British electorate will be terrified into walking to the graveyard.

Is there any hope of the outs winning our referendum ? Well British business is clearly unhappy with the increasing dollops of EU Socialist regulation as is the City, a different constituency, with EU financial regulation. Farage is a godsend to the pro EU vote. He is so easy to portray as a reactionary extremist as is his unsavoury supporting Cabal. The press have a very thick file of their so far unreported activities which they will trot out at the right time.

We need a Referendum movement outside party politics financed and led by etc business people, lawyers, academics, ie, people who have proper jobs and a real stake in the UK. Farage and UKIP must be consigned to the sterile wasteland of UK party politics kept out of the Out campaign. Imagine what the media will do to Farage, Nuttall, the Hamiltons plus a few bimbos in a serious campaign.

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