Thursday, 26 July 2012

Eurozone break up would benefit the UK

As always the truth for the UK is the exact opposite of what the paid EU placemen like Cameron and Osborne opine. A break up of the Eurozone will be along the fault line between Germany and its satellites and the Latin group led by France. The latter would keep the Euro which would devalue and the former would go with the new Deutsche Mark which would appreciate.

The benefits for the UK would be huge. German manufacturing has boomed on the back of an undervalued Euro currency. They have been the big winners and the Latins the big losers. The new DM will in particular appreciate against sterling and provide a massive Mercs would become much more expensive in the UK enabling our domestic manufacturers to gain market share. So its win win for the UK.

The biggest gainers in the Latin group would again be their car makers but other manufactures would gain but the biigest Latin winner would be their tourist industry which is huge in France.

So why should the Germans let this happen? Politics! The alternative would be huge transfer payments from the hard working Germans to the idle feckless Latins. That is an impossible political sell and anyway most Germans want their DM bank run by the BU and not some dodgy Italian.

Why can't our ruling class politicians act for once in British interests? Easy, they all have an eye on the EU gravy train. Step forward Commissioner Clegover!

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