Sunday, 22 July 2012

Spanish pain, Eurocrats gain

Spanish 10 year bond rates are now at 7.3%. Its a big country with a big economy and will need a huge bail out from the Dr Frau. She must be getting a bit fatigued by now. What are the Eurocrats doing? Demanding a 2.8% budget increase which will cost us in the UK another £350 million. The Eurocrats get the cream and the people take the pain.

Following the latest US shooting atrocity there has been the usual demand for gun controls on the people of the US whilst our mass murderers, our political class Blair, Cameron, Ashdown etc continue their policies of mass slaughter in Afghanistan, Iraq etc. Anywhere they don't have votes to unseat the political elite.

The US have assassinated 5 of their presidents. Not nice but if people are being randomly killed I think the political class should take their fair share. This is what is going on now in Syria and may produce a better life for the indigenous population. As for us in the UK its been a long time since Spencer Percival but undoubtedly the assassination of Airey Neave in the Palace of Westminster car park for MPs and Lords did produce a rapid change in the UK Irish policy.

Do not rule out assassinations of members of the EU political elite. Their personal comfort and safety is one thing all politicians 
pay attention to.

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