Saturday, 17 November 2012

Farage, UKIP, Corby and PCCs

Now that the dust has settled a few thoughts on the above. Farage could have been caught out on Thursday for his obvious confusion over Switzerland  which he implied was in the EEA, European Economic Area, but infact is not a member. He got away with it against the useless Dimblebore. He won't get away with it against Andrew Neil who catches Farage out regularly on his bluster and lack of attention to detail.

Corby, UKIP 3rd  with 14.3% of the vote with the Tories 2nd with 26.6% and Labour winning with 48.4%. It was good to see the LibDems just the wrong side of 5% and lose their deposit. UKIP got 4.5% in Manc and 6.1% in Cardiff. Its clearly not a breakthrough for UKIP. They would have to double their Corby vote to seriously threaten Cameron. The BNP vote was 1.7% which is also good news for UKIP.

The PCCs were more interesting with Idependents winning 11 out of 37. Now that is encouraging as it shows people are getting fed up with old style ya boo party politics. Labour won 13 and one of their PCCs made it clear he would use it to oppose the government. The dinosaurs are still with us.

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