Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The next CBI LibLabCon tactic - scare the horses

Having got their EU position indistinguishable from each other LibLabCon aided by the BBC, CBI and TUCwill move on to blackmail the working class and frighten them into voting to stay in the EU. If we leave the EU you will lose your job.

Shirley Williams, born with silver spoons in all her orifices, has put forward this argument incessantly since Wislon's 1975 referendum on staying in the EU. Its a bit rich coming from a woman who has never held a non-political job other than one year as a jounalist, trashed grammar schools for able working class kids and sent her own kids to fee paying schools. Wikepedia reports, "She skimmed off her own daughter Rebecca to one of the best selective schools in London, Godolphin and Latymer. The Williams family lived outside the catchment area of this school, so Rebecca was sent to stay with friends who lived close to the school, in order to qualify for entry." She is the epitomy of our political elite, do as I say because you can't afford to do what I do.

I expect we will hear a lot of scare stories from this dreadful hyopcritical woman as realism about the EU gradually percolates down to the working people. Williams has appeared more than any other panellist on the BBC political talk show Question Time; most recently on 8 November 2012 in Bexhill. 

A similar thing goes on with another LibLab Baroness, Helena Kennedy on Marr's Sunday morning politics show. I keep on complaing about this to the Beeb who reply they have difficulty getting suitable people to review the papers. The Beeb seem unwilling to produce details of how many appearances the lady has made but I wager its a lot more than any other guest. Sky don't seem to have any problem in that area and use a wide range of people for their excellent paper review.

I predict you will see a lot of La Kennedy over the next few years pushing the Williams scare story.

Jeff Randall had the CBI chairman Carr and David Davis on last night. He put to Carr that every month we have a balance of payments deficit of £4.5 bn sterling so if we leave the EU they will still trade with us. Carr seemed to find £50bn plus of net benefit to the EU not a significant factor. He is chairman of Centrica which I put a sell note on right now

Randall put this to David Davis on the line that the CBI represented British business. Davis replied they represent big international business only and that the job creation and growth in the UK was coming from the SME sector. This is the critical area that generates German economic growth. Type mittelstand to find out what these firms do  for Germany. Around 70 % of private sector employment in Germay is these firms. They are mainly family firmss employing on average 700 people and not liable to be bought and sold by dishonest bankers. They take a long term view, train up their own children and prosper. We have very few firms like that in the UK more's the pity.

These mittelstand firms have no interest in re-locating to other countries. Big CBI corporations do and to this end employ armies of lobbyists and PR men to bend our very flexible politicians to their will. The EU is run by these big firms with their priveleged access to the decision makers of Brussels to boost their profits. Dont be told how to vote or be scared into voting EU by them! They will make you redundant as soon as look at you. They have no loyalty to you or this country. They are loyal only to their wallets. Read Colin Crouch's book , "Post-Democracy" is my advice!

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