Saturday, 24 November 2012

UKIP foster parents & LibDem MEP hypocrisy

UKIP made the front page of today's Torygraph with the shocking story of 3 children being removed from their foster home because the foster parents were members of UKIP. If this is true and there were no other reasons for removing these children, then we are truely living in Orwell's big brother society. Rotherham council have not yet given their side of the story but certain aspects are very worrying.

The DT reports the social workers acted on 'an anonymous tip off' that the foster parents were UKIP members, a party which supported 'racist' policies and that their views on immigration made them unsuitable carers. I don't know what this couples views on immigration are but when I stood for UKIP I understood the UKIP policy was for 'managed' immigration along Australian lines. There are various other statements attributed to these social workers about UKIP which are clearly incorrect. I hope the media will report UKIP's actual policies in these areas.

Its the anonymous tip off bit that worries me most. It is nasty and deeply damaging to the children involved who have beeen uprooted from their home just before Xmas. Anonymous tip offs and denouncing people to the 'authorities' is what has happened in every nasty dictatorship throughout history. I thought this sort of thing had no place in the UK but clearly it does as Christopher Booker has often highlighted in his Sunday Telegraph column.

Yesterday's EU summit duely kicked the can down the road. Nothing new there then.

Our local daily the Western Morning News reports SW MEP Sir Graham Watson's deep worries over likelihood Britain me leave the EU. These statements were made to at an event in Exeter organised by the European Parliament at the NFU regional headquarters. Big landowners do very welll out of the CAP. The are largely paid for owning the land not for farming it.

You will see more of these meetings in selected areas of our country organised and paid for by the EU as pressure for an In/Out  referendum builds.

Watson is the only LibDem SW MEP out of a total of 6. He is a prize hypocrite. He is on record as opposing the whole honours system but when offered one himself it's arise Sir Graham.

I do hope the LibDems are wiped out at the next General Election. We have to put up with Laws as our MP. A man who was caught up in the expenses scandal to the tune of £40k but who has managed to squirm out and as there are few LibDems around is now back in Cast Iron Dave's self serving coalition. Laws should have stood down and given us a by-election to elect a better MP.

Hypocrisy is prevalent in the LibDem party from the top down. They are neither liberal or democratic. Reactionary and autocratic is how I would describe them.


Greg_L-W. said...


I do most totally endorse your opinion that Social services are completely out of order determining suitability of fostering & adoption on either religious or political grounds as if a perty is legal & a religion is legal then clearly it is legitimate and can not be grounds for some squalid over paid and prejudiced PC public servant to use for exercise of their own views.

That UKip has been beaten with a stick most clearly of their own leadership's making is a different matter.

Sadly it is utter hocum that UKip is NOT racist - one only need note the seeming incitement to racial hatred of the publicly sponsored anti Islamic publications emmanating from Gerard Batten or the views supported by UKip's allies and fellow travelers in the extremist, racist, anti homosexual Pan EU Political EFD Group that Nigel Farage founded and is a leader of.

Then of course there is the extremist right wing (in as far a politics has wings nowadays) of the Group founded by Godfrey Bloom of which he is still a director and which posts as its UK offices property his family owns and which offers support to Marie LePen's Party, Vlams Bellang and The Austrian Freedom Party.

Both Bloom's & Farage's UKIP Group offer sucour to extremist racist actions and views. Members of the UKip group in the EU even went so far as to seem to offer some support to the cowardly mass murderer Anders Breivik with zero disciplinary action from Farage as leader.

How can UKip dare to claim they are not racist when aiding overt racism? It is as specious as their claim not to be anti homosexual when Farage, Bloom & UKip have been censured by British Courts for their anti homosexual behaviour as was Godfrey Bloom by The EU Parliament!

Next UKip will be criticising The EU for failure to present signed off accounts when despite many public promises UKip has NEVER produced transparent accounts and Farage would seem to have personally hugely profited from his job leading a racist EU organisation whilst paying his wife £30K from the public purse annually.

It will be noted the declaration of his finances was as corrupt as his claim to not be racist and it was only competent journalism that exposed him - I note he also has at least one limited company which goes undeclared as a financial interest which now found out could prove something of a thorn in the side!

My sympathy to you Eric in your areas consistent selection of odious politicians but surely Laws must be the very nadir of morality, honesty and integrity though as you show perhaps the revolting traitor and self serving Scot Graham Watson can show even Laws new depths to sink to - so very LibDem!


Eric Edmond said...

Greg, Thx for this. Read my next blog. Farage and Blooms mid European friends will soon be their downfall. The trouble is he will take UKIP and its many decent ordinary members with him.

The problem is our area is a LibDem rotten borough thanks to P Pantsdown. Laws should have stood down and Watson is only there because of the party list system like Andreasen, Bannerman, William Legge and so on.