Thursday, 15 November 2012

Where is Farage's moustache?

If you have an answer to this question please post it in comments box of this blog. NF is never one to not jump on a passing band wagon that identifies him with the political elite. So why not grow a moustache as so many of his Tory friends are doing?

The Jews and the Palestinians seem intent on killing each other once more. Its a festering sore in the Middle East which one day will lead to a nuclear war. I just hope we keep out of it and leave it to the Yanks.

The BBC continues to ignore the BNP the fourth placed party last time at Corby but gives lots of air time to UKIP which did not contest the seat last time. I don't like the BNP one little bit but this is a country that sticks to the rules and precedent as much as the rule of law and I think we should preserve our reputation for fair play. Its the reason so many firms use English common law for their contracts. They know that if they have to go to court the contract will be fairly interpreted and enforced unlike in the US which BP are now finding out.

The PIGS coordinated strikes roll on to the inevitable disintegration of their social fabric, extremism and revolution. Thus ends the not so great European nation.

I voted today for the only independent candidate standing for police commissioner in our area. Its loaded against independents by requiring a £5000 deposit plus providing no free post for their election statement. It will very quickly politicize our police which is a very bad thing. An obvious solution to level the playing field would be to have a deposit of £500 for independents but £50000 for those who put a party label next to their name. Is it unfair to those in political parties? Not in my view. Anyone who wants to stand can stand only without a party label.They still have all their comrades to deliver their election literature which true Independents don't have. Labour see it not as a means to align the police with local needs but rather another stick to beat the government with. Hence Prescott and his like.


Oxo said...

Ref. BP they have $1.3bn in criminal fines,with more than 12 other charges amounting to about $4.5 bn of fines on tap. Pleaded guilty to manslaughter of 11 men on the platform.Lied about the quantity of oil spilled now believed to be 200m gallons.
Alleged by procecutor (Dept. of Justice action) that deaths could have been prevented.
Dept. of Justice says this is not the end. Criminal invstigation ongoing.
Source Fox.15.30 Eastern

Greg_L-W. said...


since you mentioned the odious politicisation of police control with the new tier of politician imposed today:

Astonishingly when I returned from taking my friend for his Scan to see how his cancer is destroying his life, as he can no longer manage to drive the 80 miles round trip, I managed to get to my Polling Station at about 18:00hrs.

The turnout locally is usually one of the highest in the area - The polling staff, in an empty room, since they knew me, were able to tell me that at that stage they had had around 5% turnout and understood from the returning staff that this seemed around the norm!

I for one neither chose nor voted for this new EU style extra tier of utterly irrelevant politician - nor have I any desire to contribute to the funding of this irrelevant position.

I excercised my democratic right and duty and refused to spoil my ballot paper by granting any mandate to this latest undemocratic political parasite - I wrote on my ballot paper Leave-The-EU as the democratic vote I wish fulfilled and as over 75% of our laws are now undemocratically imposed by The EU and our MPs have become redundant whilst our vote in the EU Parliament amounts to less than 8%!

The ONLY political consideration is whether you want self determination and liberty or to live on your knees with no material influence over your life as a vassal of The EU.

Just write Leave-The-EU on any official vote or form.