Tuesday, 11 December 2012

UK Census truth and Italy's Monti departs

The figures released by the UK census today show how far and how fast the foreign invasion of our country is happening. Only 46% of London's population are now white indigenous Britons. The  inner London birth figures show fewer and fewer babies born to mothers who themselves were born in the UK. Its now less than 40%. Worst of all the Deputy Director of the Census smugly states it show how 'diverse', whatever that means, the UK population has become. Sorry, missus the figures show about 7 million net immigration in 10 years. The immigrants come mainly from India,. Pakistan and Poland.The country simply cannot possibly absorb such an invasion of non-English speaking people seeking work.

It is a myth peddled by unscrupulous corporate bosses that this immigration is good for the UK. This is shameless self interest to acquire the cheapest possible unregulated labour. They don't care about the pressure these immigrant's children put on our own poor people seeking work, housing, health care services and a decent education for their children. How many of Dave's posh boy colleagues children go to schools where 90% of the pupils do not have English as a native language?

Worst of all these figures are a huge underestimate. Illegal immigrants don't fill in census forms!

This is inevitably going to lead to the River Tiber foaming read with blood as Virgil wrote and Powell quoted in his famous speech. I t won't be the fault of the people driven to despair. The blame belongs with our cynical Labour political elite who opened the immigration floodgates for electoral self interest knowing these immigrants will vote Labour and to self serving employers seeking cheap labour and not obeying employment law.

In Italy I am glad Monti is going and Belusconi is back in the game. AEP's piece in today's DT shows just why out of the Euro under Berlusconi Italy would be a real success story. Best of all the Bunga bunga man sorted out the Italian pensions mess before the EU deselected him. As a heterosexual, EUKIP deselected democratically elected representative I feel I have a lot in common with Berlusconi I just don't have the same opportunities to indulge my heterosexual tastes.

A new Italian election will be held early in the New Year. I expect Farage's friends in the neo fascist Liga Nord to do very well. Will Nigel go canvassing for them in the election? I do hope so./

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An excellent piece, as usual