Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Dinosaurs Return - be afraid, be very afraid

The FUD attack on leaving the EU will be three pronged, political, business/economic and media /celeb but the most important of all will be the enemy within led by Dave and his army of civil servants led by OberGruppenFuerher Jeremy, it was not in my remit, Heywood.

Thus three of the old guard have been brought out of the box to terrify the poor UK public into loving the EU.

Private Eye describes these terrifying creatures thus:

Hesltinosaurus Rex with its terrifying mane of blond hair and trumpeting calls to big business,

Velociraptor Mandelborus with its terrifying teeth and bottomless cunning,

but most frightening of all,

the Blairosaurus recognisable by its whitened teeth and awesome permatan. It was thought to have choked to death last year through trying to swallow many huge wadges of dollar bills at once but no, it seems to have dislocated its upper and lower jaws and like a python swallowed this cash moutain whole.

All three were last seen 15 years ago leading the campaign for the UK to join the euro but like Mr Scwarzeneger they are back to wreak hovoc in our land once more.

This fearsome threesome will be joined by Ken 'fatboy' Clarke, D 'thinboy' Turd and serial non -exec director and BBC chairman Fat Pang.

They will be hugely helped by the useful idiots Fat Pang has ordered to be recruited for the audience of his QT show chaired by former Buller member Dimblebore. These idiots will say things like we pay our MPs to make these decisions for us and to rip off the public purse and give plaintive cries of we don't understand these things with our tiny brains. Give us more propaganda information to help us.

Its a exactly like the big brother scene in Orwell's 1984. When these dinosaurs have rampaged through the TV studios up  and down the land,  terrified population then at the right time, just as in 1984 they will be given their EU comfort blanket back by merciful big brother Barroso whom they will hail as saviour and build churches in his honour. The useful idiots will cry God bless your majesty Barroso and chant Glory Hallelujah we're saved, we're saved and the Blairosaurus will go back to its favourite occupation eating shed loads of money.

The Civil Service Army will as always be decisive. There was a letter to the Times printed Friday 18th January from one  David Hall, Economic Advisor FCO 1969-79, Pershore Worcs. I quote,

"In 1971 I was among a group of economists from acrossWhiehall summoned by the then Chief Economic Advisor to the Treasury. His opening remarks were along the lines, 'The Government has decided to apply for membership of the Common Market It cannot make the political case for membership and has asked us to make the economic case. We know that it is at best weak but we must do our political masters bidding. Does anyone have any ideas?'"

I was not an economist when I was with the Civil Service in 72-73and Mr Hall's letter chimes exactly with my impression of what was going on. There never was an economic case for entry.

I suggest Tim Congdon who lives quite near Mr Hall makes contact with him pronto and has a mano a mano economic chat with him. Who knows he maysoon  be silenced by the organs of the state.

Preceding that Super Mac had also tried to join the Common Market. He had a specially useful machine called the Manningham Buller which was wheeled out to confuse issues to the British public but unfortunately Le General a dit Non before we found out if the machine worked. I suspect Dave will be reconstructing this machine. The plans must still be in Tory central office

Arraigned against these formidable forces are EUKIP's caped crusader Farman and his assistant, boy blunder, Nutty Slack.  Read this blog to follow this exciting contest.

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