Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Single Market is not the only fruit

The Single Market  (SEA)  has become the sacred cow of the Europhiles, big business and our politicians. An unholy alliance that I would describe as a conspiracy against the British people. The Common Market was founded on free movement of capital and labour, a principle more honoured in the breach than the observance. It just did not happen as the French paid lip service to the principle and carried on ignoring it when it did not suit their national interest.

The SEA's signing grew from the discontent among European Community members in the 1980s about the de facto lack of free trade among them. Leaders from business and politics wanted to harmonise laws among countries and resolve policy discrepancies.  

The SEA was passed in 1986 but not finally ratified until 1992. It introduced QMV as the way of settling disputes ensuring the annoying Brits lost their previous veto. This ensured the Brits would be out voted on any proposals they objected to. Franco Prussians numerically dominate the European Commision civil service. I know of few Brits fluent in two EU languages other than their own. I have even known British diplomats who struggle to speak on foreign language fluently. I know from my time in the Civil Service how easy it is to manipulate and slant agendas and how unaware politicians are of such skilled bias.

The French of course carry on as before finding ways around anything they don't like which gets through. The Brits jobsworths of course gold plate these anti UK interest initiatives to prove what good Europeans which the French find hilarious. It fits in with their national view of  the English, all gay cavaliers.

The SEA extended free trade to goods and services but the latter seems always to run into problems. That is the area in which the UK has a huge competitive advantage over the Franco Prussians. A tribute to the stunning incompetence of the FCO, the department which led the crusade in the early 70s to get us into the EU!

The single market does have some advantages of course but these acrue mainly to large companies trading in every country of the EU. Countries like Norway and Switzerland enjoy most of the benefits of the Single Market without being in the EU. It also benefits big non EU based companies like Samsung, Panasonic etc.
So the tale we would lose access to the Single Market if we were out of the EU is baloney. The EU known which side their bread is buttered on in respect of their imbalanced trade with us. Germany alone woul lose 12 bn Euros per month if the stopped trading with us. Merkel has just pointed out we are Germany' s biggest trading partner!

Multi-national car manufacturers upsticks and re-locate at the drop of a hat. This country's economy is more than a few car factories. There is a surplus of car productive capacity worldwide so there will inevitably be car plant closures. Renault Peugeot are already trying to shut factories in France. Napoleon Hollande is trying to make water flow up the hill. Ford lost 1.3 bn Euro last year in the EU. Its a declining market clearly oversupplied with car makers so when Nissan or Toyota or Honda decide to close or downsize one of their UK plants you will be deafened with the EU phile cries of we told you the uncertainty would cost UK jobs. Bollocks! It will have been caused by a fall in demand.

Worse we are bound by imposing common European tariffs on non EU trade. These deals are of course designed to suit Franco German manufacturers. Outside the EU we could do our own deals to suit our companies and our national interests.

To cap it all the free movement of labour has now become free movement of benfit claimants! We have to be like the Swiss and tie incoming labour to time limited work permits. If we don't we wiil soon be foreigners in our own country. Bulgarians and Roamaninas are only the start. What will happen when Turkey or Ukraine, total population 200 million join? And who pushed this EU enlargement policy? The great minds of the UK FCO. They sought to dilute French influence but at what a cost and they failed!

We are only going to get one go this generation at a new relationship with Brussels. The Single Market is only one of many factors to be taken into account. It and its big business beneficaries must not be allowed to dominate the discussion. That pre-eminent place belongs to all the interests of all British people.


Mike Bridgeman said...

I remember at the 2005 general election the Conservative PPC for Devizes told me that if we left the EU Honda would pull out of Swindon with the loss of 3000 jobs.
We are in the EU and they have just lost 800 jobs.

You could not have put it better.

Eric Edmond said...

Thx Mike, There will be car plant loss of jobs/closures in Europe simply because of lack of demand but any UK will of course be blamed on the Eurosceptics.


Richboy said...

I also remember a threat from the chairman of Honda threatening to pull out to of the EU if we didn't join the euro!

Eric Edmond said...

Yes, loads of threats from CEOs worried about their profits. They do't give a toss about us, the UK or their employees