Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Eastleigh, UKIP & Farage

On 12th Jan I wrote a piece entitled, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. The participants then were Marta Andreasen and Neil Hamilton. Today its Vicky Price and her former husband that are the protagonists. She leaked the story to the delicious Isobel Oakeshott  a Times journo and regular participant on the Sunday morning Andrew Neil show. Ms Oakeshott advised Ms Price how to present her case in the media to put herself in the best light

Mr Farage has Ms Andreasen to contend with who also seems to feel scorned. Mr Farage should be worried. Ms Price done huge damage to herself to bring down Huhne. If Ms Andreasen chooses to follow this road it would not be good for the Farage EUKIP cult's electoral prospects.

Who will EUKIP choose as their candidate? Ray Finch aka Skeptyk fought the seat last time winning 3.6% of the vote and losing his deposit.  Farage however suffered a bloody nose at the hands of the diminutive Bercow the last time he parachuted himself into a high profile contest in Buckingham. I presume he will have learned his lesson but if not Mr Finch who? Finch is a run of the mill long time Farage supporter so Nigel will see him as no threat. The most impressive EUKIP candidate I have seen recently is Mr Woolf. He might do well in Eastleigh. I have read someone is pushing Agnew but I cannot take that seriously.

Its more interesting who the LibDems will go for. My money is on a local and I think the Tories will do likewise. The timing will be in the hands of Cleggy as it was a LibDem seat. He will want to delay it as long as possible to give the electorate as long a time as possible to forget Huhne so early May to coinicide with the local eletions looks favourite to me.

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