Monday, 25 February 2013

Is Diane James a winner?

She has the best opportunity ever to win an MP seat for UKIP but she has to get her boot on the LibDems lying neck to do so. The LibDems are the nasty lying hypocritical party of British politics. They claim the high moral ground but belong in the gutter. They are completely ruthless in their treatment of women in their desperation to hang on in Eastleigh. Ms James has to do what Mrs Thatcher did in 1974 Tory leadership election and win for the women of our country.

She must label the LibDems the nasty, yellow, cowardly party. Clegg's weasel words last night showed just what the LibDems are:

As these concerns were received indirectly and anonymously, as those involved understandably wanted to maintain privacy, there was a limit to how we could take this matter forward following Chris Rennard’s resignation."

He could have reported the matter to the police after Rennard's resignation.

I watched Simon Hughes giving a one man three wise monkeys performance this morning on BBC breakfast TV like a one man band. During his 4 years as LibDem President or whatever he never heard or saw any of these allegations and said nothing as well. And the band played believe it if you like!

I hope the Tories go for this as well. I suggest Maria Hutchings and Diane use the brilliant cartoon from Guido's blog I reproduce below on all their election literature up to polling day.

Many newspapers have commented on the similarity of the LibDems handling of the Rennard allegations and the BBC handling of the Saville affair. The reason is quite simple. The BBC and the LibDems are joined at the hip and share the same sordid groupthink. So no surprise they behave the same way.

Labour is imploding at Eastleigh. The bookies odds on a Diane win are now 7/1 and shortening with Maria at 9/4 and also shortening. The Lib Dems are still 2/1 on. Its up to Diane and Maria to change that in the next three days and pick up shed loads of LibDem votes. I would normally say kick them in the gonads but of course LibDems like angels in pictures have no gonads.


Steve Allison said...

Hi Eric, I doubt very much that UKIP will take the seat. If Farage thought that was likely to happen he would be doing his best to destroy the campaign. A UKIP MP in Westminster is the last thing Farage wants. Remember that UKIP had an MP briefly in the form of Bob Spink? He was soon driven out of the party! A UKIP MP would mean the focus of the party would move to the UK, again the last thing Farage would want. A UKIP MP would be the one the BBC wanted on Question Time, the one the newspapers wanted to interview and indeed the one the grass roots members of UKIP would rally round. A UKIP MP in Westminster would be VERY VERY bad news for Nigel!

Mike Bridgeman said...

You are not alone in thinking along those lines Steve.
Pleasure to hear from you.

Eric Edmond said...


Nice to hear from you. I agree with you re Farage. Following on Andreasen's defection more woman trouble would put Farage in with Lord Rennard. I still think LibDems are favourite but a real kick the LibDems campaign, the sort LIbDems like to dish out, might just produce a shock. 7/1 prices that in but the Tories are more likely to do the dirty on Clegg and just possible Ms James might sneak in on their bullingdon club coat tails.


ALAN WOOD said...

Great to hear from Steve - a very good tipster in elections ! And the best candidate for Party Leader to topple FARAGE.

We have reached the point where the bookies look around for a bunch of mug punters when the favourite looks like costing them a lot of dough and they need to pump up the profit.

They have no idea what is in the postal votes which will comprise the hard core vote.

The party faithful will have been pressed hard to support their candidate with blitzkreig mailshots.

UKIP may pick up some of the floating vote and be a good third to the LIB-DEMS.

Eric Edmond said...

I am just watching the Sunday Politics that went out yesterday only on BBC South. Here is the link: