Friday, 8 February 2013

Nigel Farage a Stalinist dictator, says UKIP MEP

Not my headline but the BBC's. Guess who  is the UKIP MEP?  That's right, the lady scorned!

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I agree entirely with the lady's views but she kept them well under wraps when she was seeking the favour of Uncle Joe and her place on the 2009 UKIP MEP slate. So I don't have any sympathy for her. Her spell as an MEP will have enriched her by the thick end of £1 million. A worthwhile suck up to Uncle Joe and a sum not lost on UKIP's other wannabee UKIP MEPs like Neil Hamilton. Where else could people like him earn so much money? Who else would employ him at that rate of pay?

Ms Andreasen is not the only lady Farage has to worry about. Nikki Sinclaire, another UKIP MEP but who got on the list through her own talent and effort and fulfilled all the UKIP candidate criteria which Andreasen did not was reported again by the BBC in 2010 as having won a case for sex discrimination against UKIP. There are other lady friends of Mr Farage like Annabelle Fuller or even Mrs Farage who might at some stage wish to tell their story to a sympathetic lady journalist.

In 1558 John Knox wrote a tract, "The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women". Perhaps Mr Farage should read it. JK, founder of the Scottish presbyterian church, was not quite what he seemed either.At the age of 54 and a widower he married the 17 year old MargaretStewart, did the Lord's work and they had three children. Definitely worth a read Mr F.

I wrote the above last night. I see UKIP have announced they will reveal their Eastleigh candidate at 10:00 on Tuesday in Eastleigh. No mention of hustings or consulatations with local party activist so I guees its another Farage nominee. There may be a few other scorned ladies lurking out there..

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