Friday, 15 March 2013

Bloom shows exactly why UKIP need women candidates

Please look at today's Daily Politics by clicking on link and fast forward into 36 minutes. Bloom looked like and sounded like Colonel Blimp but judge for yourself. He was on with Tory MEP Vicky Ford a pleasant looking and pleasant sounding lady. Bloom soon degenerated into calling her a traitor, a Vichy collaborationist and joked he had missed a vote because it was a cocktail hour. It was a Farage type joke that fell flat and made Bloom look stupid. He was inarticulate compared to Ms Price and showed exactly why in a fptp election when you vote for a candidate not a party nobody will ever vote for Bloom or anyone else from the Cabal .

They were then joined by Green MEP Jean Lambert who seems to share Shirley Williams hairdresser and style consultant but even she looked presentable and sounded reasoanble and pleasant compared to Bloom.

The county council fptp elections due on 2nd May are far more important than the pointless but lucrative Europeans a year later. Parliamentary constituencies are built up from County Council electoral wards. These are the building blocks of UK political power as the LibDems showed in Eastleigh. Farage's EUKIP is just not interested. EUKIP want to get on the EU gravy train and take their 30 pieces of silver. They are like  animals in a zoo that the EU crats keep for amusement. They serve the EU's purpose as well as Rumpy, Frumpy and Barroso do. The EU parliament was deliberately set up this way to attract the sort of people that are MEPs ie those who cannot be elected on their own merit but are party appartchiks par excellence.


ALAN WOOD said...

Fully support your comments Eric.

The Farage EUKIP deserves a close look for its links to FREEMASONRY.
I was aware that a number of Regional Organisers, candidates, committee members and activists were linked to FREEMASONRY. Many people are unaware that the highest levels of FREEMASONRY are linked to the power pyramid that has its peak in WALL STREET.
The powerful people who run the BILDERBERGER Group, and their minions like KENNETH CLARKE, a former UK Organiser, choose whom to support for Prime Minister or President through their network.
FARAGE may actually be a mongrel outside of the NETWORK but his visit to MURDOCH's flat may mark him out as someone whom the BILDERBERGER's wish to control.
Now you may argue that the BILDERBERGER control of the West through their burgeoning NEW WORLD ORDER (which encourages the EU of course)is a more palatable ideology than the CHINA model.
Whatever is the more acceptable to the man in the street I would suggest that both models throw up greedy men (and sometimes women) who want all the power and a large slice of the money.
That may be Darwinian theory of the survival of the species but it ain't very pleasant !

Do spare some time to watch this expose of OBAMA, the Bilderberger puppet.

Eric Edmond said...


I know nothing about Bilderbergers. Superficially they look to me like an international club of the political elite aimed at keeping the ordinary people subservient to that elite.

I don't like freemasonery or indeed any other secret society. At the very least they should be registered and have to lodge their mambership lists annually with the registrar.

I look at the start of the video but again I don't like anything as heavily cut and edited as this is. Its very easy to take comments out of context and mix them with film footage. Iyts a bit like horse meat in beef burgers.

I did not see you at Cheltenham

Eric Edmond said...

PS I long suspected Malcolm Wood was a freemason so William Legge may be on also.

Steve Allison said...

If you want a real conspiracy theory then try this.......

Open Microsoft Word and Type in capitals Q33 NY. This is the flight number of the first plane to hit one of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Highlight the Q33 NY, change the font size to 72 point then change the font by scrolling down to "WINGDINGS"

Scary or what!

ALAN WOOD said...

I'll try it.

In my working life in Government, Local Government and knowledge of local businesses these corrupt people are everywhere, lining each other's pockets.
Under the guise of doing charitable work they survive.
Yuck !

ALAN WOOD said...


Probably not a conspiracy - clever, but probably inserted into the software after 9/11.

To serious things.

UKIP have always needed good women candidates, but sadly they very rarely put themselves into the fray at that level, preferring to be supporters.

UKIP have had many good people spend their gold trying to help the party by being candidates but have lacked an understanding of the election process and particularly how you either use your public profile like Kilroy-Silk, or develop a public profile starting at local council level.
Established parties can field "unknowns" because core voters vote for their party whether they field a paedophile,sex pest, crook or speeder.

UKIP are beginning to reap the benefits of a failed EU experiment. It takes time for the chickens to come home to roost and for the public to get the message.
The CYPRUS bank debacle will really help UKIP, provided they add this reason for leaving the EU to their repertoire

Eric Edmond said...

Look at my latest Tweet. More top Tory totty for Nigel

lodge cleaner said...

Well I don't think that's a fiar comment, in Norfolk most on the state payroll in Masonary work for
the government, with very high numbers comming from the police and
even retired special branch, we have all sorts of memember here, we
don't like people with police records they attract unhealthy attentions, we have eight lodges
in this area meeting from one main lodge.we have a number of undertakers as well.

Shirly said...

I certainly would not agree on this
point, if someone was to impose a
law on sexual discrimination against men, Britian would certainly be breaking it, thanks to
the likes of C Blair, we have a situation in the UK where woman are
being given top and king pin jobs, when it is clear they do not have the ability to hold the post, they
are power drunk and behind a great deal of corruption, in some cases
worse then men.

Paul said...

Men are not unique to freemasonry,
there are large numbers of woman
members as well, including "Grand
Masters" "Eastern Lodge" we also
have the reputed leaks about lodges
within the court system the reputed
"Sisterhood" being another example,
masonary covers a very broad context, in local authority they
used to sign under their signature
with thier secret mason sign, they
do not do that so much these day's.

Tony said...

Many of the labour party are freemasons,this is a fact, Freemasonry has just gone underground, it is more powerfull
now than it ever was.

Registry Clerk. said...

If you want to see just how many
freemasons there are in government
Google Freemasons in British Government You Tube, statisim is
infested with them, that's for sure. Most of these corrupted judicial authorities who pervert the course of justice are masons
take a look for your selves. You'll
be horrified.

X 3rd degree initate. said...

Come, come, Doctor, you knowledge of freemasonay appears to be very limited, you should do some research,in this area, masons come from all state backgrounds, do yourself some homework. Norfolk Constabulary for one.

Old Sea Dog. said...

Yea, Boy, lots a masons round here
alright, that one at Gt yarmouth,
they all be police and that, they
got thier own little magistrates
room in that one along the sea
front there, right near the britainia it is, used see them them
all a comming out with my binoculars when I used to take the
boat out fishing.

The Journalist. said...

Alan, I have to say you speak the truth, like me I have had a lot of contact with government over the years and access inside various departments of public office, the organised crome they are involved in makes one puke, never have I ever witnessed so much crime, fraud, fabrication of documents, than that which takes place in our hypoctical public services, especially those so called abiders of law and order the good old corrupted paramilitary British Police and Justice System.

Mr F. Bock said...

Alan, I have just read your blog entry, it does indeed make interesting comment,of course the group you refer to are described as the "Illuminati" in correct context, masonic influence over the new world order and gobalisation control, there appears to be an ideology that distruction of the old orders will speed up take over of the new, and world wide statisim control on a global scale, of course Freemasonary started in Europe and was indeed involved in the necleus of the French Revolution, it spread from Europe to England and then to the USA where it mushroomed with lodges all over the US, of course we had the false promises of the last labour government, that they were effectively going to introduce a register of all freemasons, including public access to thier names, however in reality this failed to materialise, they gave the impression freemasons were on the demise, of course this was untrue, Freemasons no longer wear rings in public to give clues to their identities, although there are claims many lodges have closed, these claims are seriously flawed, they have effectively reduced lodges, but increased meetings at lodges that would have formally only held capacity for one lodge, now up to eight lodges may use just the one lodge.Of course Freemasoanry is linked to powerful groups,as you rightly state, such as the NHS, Insurance, Banking, Police and Law Society,where power of control exists, masonary goes hand in hand, many of the corrupted shrinks and police at highest levels are masons as well as reputed court Coroners, Of course like you say, Farage is a mongrel to the networks this is no doubt why, so many seek to destroy him in current politics, he effectively offers considerable resistance to their programe, I am somewhat surprised they have not tried to arrest him on trumped up charges, or fabricate some other form of dirt to politically destroy him, who knows they might try the mental health act, it is important anyone involved in politics be aware of these pracitices, particularly in England to say the least,politics has become a totally none democratic affair.Of course in Europe Freemasonary is still strongly established within the framework of political and economic machinery, to these facts there is no doubt! Some very interesting disclosures and evidence on You Tube!

pete said...

Agreed, if you realy want to see who controls our police service,
Google "Pornography Police Corruption Freemasonary. You Tube.

D.I. said...

Steve, today's figures 1 in 6 police officers are in fact masons.
28 March 2013.

Hans said...

Yodel...Yodel...Hellow Englandy, yes we have those in europe to, I lkie
your blog vey much, Hans from Switzerland.

The Reporter said...

Of course freemasonry is political, one, only has to look at the new lodge founded by the police in relatiation to cuts imposed by "Thersa May." The newly formed "Sine Favore" lodge, which means in latin "Without Fare," has been established with the sole motive of fighting government cuts. The new Lodge which is using Freemasonry premises in London, has John Tully listed as the lodge secretary, it boats a large number of members,from Essex Police, Thames valley, South Yorkshire, Dyfed, South Wales, to name a few, it's other members include, Police Forensic Pyschiatrists, Criminologists, lawyers, Police Finance Controlers, senior officials from PF and SA association. The main aim appears to be the development of a programe strategy against government cuts against police initiated by "Thersa May." One can only hope they don't decide to use the 30th degree "Trampling Ritual," of course they would have no doubt taken the sacred oath, that anyone who disclosures the lodge secrets would suffer death buy having your throat cut, prior to your tongue cut out. Of course the government tried to make all officers sign a declaration of masonic membership, but the police simply refused to fill it out claiming it was none of their business, what Police do in they're own time. Well what can one say.IN HOC SIGNO VINCES.