Friday, 8 March 2013

EU philes are running scared of UKIP

The game changer was the excellent performance of Diane James in the Eastleigh by election coming a close second to the no sex please we're LibDems and pushing Cast Iron Dave's Tories into 3rd place and leaving their candidate in tears. Ms Hutchings was a decent candidate but politics is a blood sport.

Last night Ms James was on QT receiving the usual BBC biased treatment with a rigged audience. Dimblebore did his best to unsettle her using a juvenile, rude female plant in the audience. Ms James did well I thought but the rude juvenile was suitably squashed by the razor sharp Melanie Phillips. I will write further on this QT when I have time to do a full analysis.

I wrote yesterday how the penny was dropping with many big UK companies that profitable expanding business was to be found not in he EU. That is very worrying for the Europhiles as they  get so much money from big business.

More worrying still is the announcement  that Farage, building on Ms James Eastleigh success, had a private dinner on Tuesday with the dirty digger himself, Rupert Murdoch. This has driven Europhiles into a frenzy. Reuters headlined their report,

Murdoch dines with British anti-EU leader, critics cry foul

It details a strop from Peter Wilding, director of British Influence, a group campaigning for Britain to stay inside the EU, said Murdoch's meeting had helped UKIP to enter the political mainstream.

"It's dangerous and it's mischievous," he told Reuters. "For Murdoch anti-Europeanism is a religion and his influence over the debate has been hugely powerful and hugely negative."
That shows UKIP is now making real progress. Click on link to read this encouraging Reuters piece.

PS Saturday morning large piece on Farage by FTs political editor click here to read


ALAN WOOD said...

The talk with Murdoch was of doing deals with the Conservatives. As Murdoch is a big player in world affairs and has been linked to the One World Order (Bilderberger attendees)UKIP represent a potential new player. It may be that Murdoch wanted to assess UKIP and particularly Farage for several reasons, including those that would affect his empire and his wealth. He may be a proxy for banking interests.

Bearing in mind that Farage as only ever paid lip service to building the UKIP party and in my opinion only sees a referendum as the way forward (from "loose talk" from UKIP people associated with Farage) Farage would see a trade-off of helping the Conservatives in 2015 provided there was an IN-OUT referendum as a good deal.

If only they could be trusted!

Eric Edmond said...

Alan, you may well be correct. I think the Europhile also has a point that Murdoch may be taking his revenge on Cameron over the Leveson inquiry, stirring things up and reminding caeron who is boss.

Mike Bridgeman said...

Doing deals with whom, when and how?
And above all, why?

Eric Edmond said...

Hopefully to repeal 1973 European Community Act. Nothing else matters.