Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tory moles multiply in UKIP

I was voted onto UKIP's NEC by ordinary UKIP members and voted off by Farage's sycophants acting on Farage's instructions using a dodgy dossier prepared by Tory mole Bannerman who has now admitted his devotion to David Cameron. The sycophants always lie that I left the NEC. I did not. Neither did David Abbott. We were both voted off by the sycophants orchestrated by the biggest Tory mole of them all. Del Young was kicked out of UKIP by Nuttall on an allegation which was a complete lie but as with Joe Stalin that is enough in EUKIP.

Farage was always very quick to smear any dissenters with the allegation they were BNP moles. This was an easy line for the sycophants to chant but it also served another purpose nobody looked for the real moles, the Tory moles. UKIP's membership is picking new recruits but who are these new members and which parties were they in before they joined UKIP? The answer is the Tories. My local UKIP contacts tell me they are now being swamped by ex-Tory pond life who all want to be UKIP candidates. What better time to infiltrate UKIP than now. The Tory moles can hide amongst the genuine just like the Russians planted their agents amongst many genuine refugees.

It has been obvious for over five years that Farage was bending over backwards not to damage the Tories. His stooge Pearson when party leader even tried to get UKIP candidates in the South West to stand down in favour of dodgy Tories. Now does that not sound like what a Tory mole would do? By the way where is Pearson now?

But what of Eastleigh you say? Who picked Mrs James as candidate? Not Nigel Farage. It was the local party after hearing her speak who chose her as candidate. Who has been less than complimentary about Mrs James? Mr Farage's close friend Annabelle Fuller. I expect the campaign to undermine Mrs James to continue not by Mr Farage of course but by his rent a mob sycophants. Nigel knows Mrs James cannot be touched for the time being. He will wait until the new Tory moles get bedded in,

What of Farage's falling out with Cameron. There is a hidden agenda there. Cameron has something Farage wants and has been told by Dave to piss off.

On the electoral front Junius reports that one Martin Heale a former NF branch chairman and candidate will stand as a UKIP candidate in the May elections. I understood that the NF was a UKIP proscribed organisation so Heale should not be allowed to even be a UKIP member let alone a candidate. But then of course Heale has the F factor. He was Farage's former election agent! In EUKIP Nigel can waive the rules when he wants to knowing his placemen sycophants on the NEC will wave through anything he wants. But in the wider media its impossible to masquerade as the scourge of the BNP while having a former member of the NF as a UKIP candidate.

This cannot go on. Mr Gill another possible Tory mole waived through Andreasen's candidacy in 2009 in contravention of 6 UKIP and UK electoral rules. Andreasen has now gone off to join the Tories but she want her revenge on Farage and she is not a woman to cross. She will have her revenge in this world or the next. Journalists love to find inconsistencies in party policies and actions. EUKIP is a mass of such inconsistencies. I grieve for the many decent ordinary UKIP members who have been hounded out of UKIP by the sycophants whilst people like Neil Hamilton flourish. I am sure that in the fulness of time he will, like Bannerman, feel the need to rejoin the Tories.


Mr Blowfelt. said...

i think certain thinks will unfold, you may stories in the paper, you will then know the moles and intelligence collectors are within the ranks of party machinery.firstly, U kip is a thorn in the side of both labour and Conservative, this they know.The seneria might be lots of dirty washing hung out during the election campaign. You're asumptions are indeed correct Dr Edmund.

Mr Bock said...

I would be in universal agreement,
politics has become a dirty business,moles and informers appear
to be playing a big part in the game at the moment. See what unfolds, no doubt a few scandals
leaked to the press.

Dom Perignon said...

A illuminating article,I wonder what the attack structure will consist of, they might go in deep
lay low, and then go for Gold.Of
course they could make it up as they go along like the PC brigade.
On the basis of the article expect
activity to say the least.

Gary said...

I remember in 2004 after Roger Knapman led UKIP to a great result in the Euro elections. After my own arrival in Brussels lots of job applicants started to appear. Almost all were coming straight over from the Tory party. One from a Tory MEP's office, one from the young conservatives, one from IDS's office, and so on.......

Eric Edmond said...


I think you will see a repeat after May 2014


The Journalist said...

Where they fail in one party, they
will just move to another, and then
influence and try and take contol.
But of course in England we don't
have democracy, in the USA or other
countries when a change of government takes place they remove
All the former goverments cronies. in England we just have a few new
faces at westminister, even when the labour government came to power
in Norfolk we still had the same old tories and masonic ginks in control, not really a change of government.There's really only one
goverment in England totaliterian statism, and that's the way it will
stay.Dictatorship control by none
democratically appointed people.