Saturday, 27 July 2013

Guido & the Speccy start to take an interest in UKIP - bad news for UKIP

First the Guido story that Farage is now a leftie is supported by the picture below of NF attending a Guardian editorial meeting no less.


The gent in white shirt front left is I think Nick Watts a regular commentator on the Andrew Neil Sunday show.

Then we have the Speccie reporting Stuart Wheeler, UKIP treasurer, has put money on call me Dave winning an outright majority in the GE of 2015. I quote from the Speccy blog below:


Treachery in UKIP?

15 comments25 July 2013 12:34 
Stuart Wheeler is a gambling man.
Stuart Wheeler is a gambling man.
Steerpike is back in this week’s edition of the Specator. Here is a preview:
‘Is there treachery at the top of Ukip? Westminster has been buzzing with the rumour that Party treasurer Stuart Wheeler has laid money on the Conservatives to win an overall majority in 2015. Can it possibly be true? Mr Steerpike called Mr Wheeler who was happy to spill the beans. Yes, he said, he has placed a bet — ‘bigger than a fiver but not huge’ — but not because he thinks or hopes the Tories will win. ‘I expect to lose the money,’ he says cheerfully, ‘but the odds of 4/1 looked a bit long.’ He’s also laid cash on Nigel Farage to become an MP and on Ukip to grab at least two seats at the election.’
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Well good for Stuart. Nothing like hedging your bets.

This gets better and better for the media who are clearly set for a field day with UKIP's to brass.

Finally there I hear that in the South East region, Farage's region,  UKIP MEP candidate selection will be run by John Moran, a long time Farage friend, Harry Aldridge a twenty something UKIP wanabe and a Mr Roger Bird, UKIP SE chairman, former Tory and Bow group treasurer. Now who else was in the Tories,  the Bow group and UKIP? Why Mr Bannerman now no longer a UKIP MEP but a fervent admirer of Dave and a Tory MEP.

Looks like ordinary UKIP members with left leanings need not apply and supports UKIP's impeccable Tory credentials. Smart hedging by Mr Wheeler


ALAN WOOD said...

Farage nesting with the left.
So he should - that is where he will get votes in 2014.

The working man is being shafted by the migrants taking his job, his council house (Daily Mail yesterday), his NHS services, his doctor, his dentist, his kid's school place etc. etc.

Why are the unions not backing Farage instead of Red (really?) Ed.

Eric Edmond said...

H, hum so why is UKIP SE stuffed with old Tories. Not excactly likely to appeal to the Guardanistas

Sean O'Hare said...

Make up you mind Dr Edmond you can't attempt to smear UKIP by suggesting they are moving to left and then accuse the party of being stuffed with old Tories.