Thursday, 11 July 2013

Move over Farage says Wheeler

He who pays the piper calls the tune. Farage's EUKIP  has spent a long time dancing to their EU paymaster's tune. Now its time for a different tune and some different lead artistes.

I today's DT Stuart Wheeler calls for the same reforms and reduction of Farage media appearances in favour of other UKIPers. Del Young, David Abbott and I called for this four years ago and got kicked out by the Cabal for telling the true facts. The difference is Stuart Wheeler is UKIP's Len McClusky to Farage's Ed Millipede. You can read the brief piece in today's DT. It is headlined, "Move out of spotlight Ukip tells Farage"

Its long overdue. Del Young and I were sure that nice Mrs James, the lady who almost one the Eastleigh by-election, would be quickly sidelined by the Farage cabal once the media attention was elsewhere. So where is Mrs James the lady who showed up the Fuerher's poor and very expensive electoral performances? The cult leader cannot be outshone by anyone so Mrs James just had to go. UKIP will no doubt now assiduously promote the photogenic Ms Duffy as its leading female star. No threat to Nigel there then.

Wheeler is quoted as saying, "Now we're much bigger, he's (Farage) has got to change a bit and allow other people to do some of it". Ah Mr Wheeler you are young in the ways of UKIP. The leopard does not change its spots until it sits on red leather.


ALAN WOOD said...

In today's story Wheeler talks of 10 MP's in a coalition with the Tories.

This is poor strategy.

The voter in 2015 will have a choice of more Tory under Cameron, but in a UKIP coalition, or back to Labour. On that scenario they will vote to get Tories out.

Boris is popular and the Tories may seek to replace Cameron with Boris after the EU elections in 2014. If he sounds Eurosceptic and replaces Osborne he will get the UKIP vote.

Tories need the waverers in the marginal seats so UKIP need to fight the marginals, particularly North of London, on their own Manifesto which would be based on Anti-EU immigration and fairer taxation, plus assistance to UK manufacturing and creation/development of UK companies who will help balance overseas trade.

There are other issues like "cracking-down" on serious crime with stiffer sentences,and my favourite which is compulsory employment for the unemployed, and the rich companies and individuals must pay fair taxes.

Jabba the Cat said...

Do you have a link to the relevant DT page?

Autonomous Mind said...

One wonders how long it will be before party members realise that Farage has destroyed any possibility of succession planning, in order to protect his position from anyone who might be able to challenge him.

Eric Edmond said...

Dear JC

It was in the DT Tuesday 11 July, p2, last column, News Bulletin and headlined 'Move out of spotlight Ukip tells Farage'. It is sourced to Wheeler's New Statesman interview.

Sorry for delay in reply. No internet in my bit of France. Kids tell me I need a dongle.