Thursday, 26 September 2013

How UKIP gets the MEPs Farage wants

The low calibre of many UKIP MEPs lets the ordinary party members and the country down. Some are poltical dross so how did they get high up on UKIP slates in the first place? Look at what is left now in UKIP's Brussels battalion and how they got there.

Derek Clark, aged 79, East Midlands, the Calvin Coolidge of UKIP.  Coolidge known as silent Cal, was Harding's vice president and became US president in 1923 when Harding died suddenly of a heart attack. When told of Coolidge's death in 1933 Dorothy Parker, the celebrated  American wit simply said, "How did they know?" UKIP's Clark is best known for falling asleep in meetings and signing up to subsiduarity in Romania in direct contravention of UKIP policy. How did he end up an MEP? Simples, on the coat tails of Kilroy Silk who got a huge vote for UKIP in 2004 and promptly left UKIP. Under Clark the East Midlands went from 2 MEPs in 2004 to 1 in 2009, the height of the expenses scandal which hit every party except UKIP. Incredible!

Stuart Agnew, Eastern Region and allegedly rich. Second on the Eastern region slate to Bannerman. The best candidate was undoubtedly Robin Page but he was disqualified at a Farage dominated NEC meeting in late 2008. Hence Mr Agnew. Mrs James, one of the few good candidates UKIP has is now suffering from similar treatment as that meted out to Robin Page.

Paul Nuttall, not top of the pops in the North West region, that election was one by Greg Beaman the then North West RO who having won the right to the number one spot inexplicably decided to stand down. As number 2 choice Nuttall then moved up to number one and has bedded in as Farage's right hand man.

Legge I have written in my previous blog. He was undoubtedly helped greatly by his title and the support of his future employee the RO Malcolm Wood. He is also rich but how much money has he given UKIP?

Not exactly an inspiring bunch.

Gerard Batten and Trevor Colman were elected by the members fair and square despite the best efforts of the Cabal but Colman will not stand in 2014 and it is by no means certain that Batten will get the nunber one spot on the London slate.

That leaves Farage the leader who largely controlled the UKIP MEP slates in 2009 and totally controls the slates for 2014. His diastrous record speaks for itself. In a  democratic party he would have been replaced years ago. But in UKIP with a fresh group of sycophant MEPs the whole cycle will start alll over again. Farage's pension will have increased. His status in the EU will have been further enhanced. He will be leading a pan-European party. As for UKIP's avowed aim to leave the EU, who cares?


Greg_L-W. said...


a sound summary of the scam that is the UKIP of today, little more than a Farage fan club, with not a single achievement to its name in terms of leadership or a clear styrategy, tactics, plan or exit & survival startegy when it comes to the core aim of Leave-The-EU.

In 20 years it has NEVER had an individual of gravityas who has not been forced out by the ruling clique of self serving nebishes and their claquer.

You ask with regard to leaving the EU 'who cares?' well clearly an army of activists who have been forcedf out buy the self serving dead wood, oiks and ill informed populists!

It is astonishing that out of 13 UKIP elected MEPs there are only 4 who remain as supporters. 74 elected NEC members have been forced out based on lies or fallen out with Farage and of 7 leaders only two remained in the party and one of those is Farage!

UKIP may provide a protest votye but clearly to vote in a UKIP MEP is naive as 75% (on track record) quit.

In domestic elections UKIP is an abject failure where of some 1,750 seats fought over 1,600 were lost!
Perhaps the facts here will add clarity:


ALAN WOOD said...

Tonights TV here in Kent featured Farage responding to the apparent support for UKIP in Kent and Eastern England generally.
Cameron was able to tell his usual guff that he can win back UKIP supporters with the promise of a referendum and repatriation of powers from Brussels.
We have had promises, promises from the Tories for as long as I can remember !

His crowning moment was the claim that "we are dealing with immigration". What complete misinformation and claptrap !
The problem is that these young female interviewers do not know their subject and fail to come back (like Andrew Neil would)with the ripost "What about immigration from the EU ?"

Andrew Neil was mentioned today in the Daily Mail as a former lover of Sally Farmiloe, she of Jeffrey Archer fame as the secret bit on the side. Apparently she liked men with brains not looks; blog writers beware !

BarnsleyChop said...

GLW said "It is astonishing that out of 13 UKIP elected MEPs there are only 4 who remain as supporters. 74 elected NEC members have been forced out based on lies or fallen out with Farage and of 7 leaders only two remained in the party and one of those is Farage!" - If indeed this is correct can you supply a list of the 74? It would make an extremely interesting blog post