Thursday, 31 October 2013

Time to form a party that can get us out of the EU

My local branch Yeovil did well at the recent Somerset County Council elections winning 2 seats. They have however been subject to much interference and criticism from Faragista and Somerset UKIP chairperson, Dorothy Baker pictured below in Taunton with Farage in the Taunton Deane campaign for the May 2013 County Council Elections:

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With this personal visit and support of the Fuhrer in her campaign how many County Council seats did her Taunton Deane  branch win? Err zero! Despite this Ms Baker took it upon herself to descend on UKIP Yeovil to tell them how to run a branch! Six members, almost the whole of the Yeovil committee have resigned in protest at this unwarranted interference by another of the Farage/Crowther stooges.

I gather something similar is going on with Chris Pain in Lincolnshire where UKIP won 16 seats enough to make them the official opposition on the council.

D-day looming for county's breakaway UKIP councillors

Crowther picked a dispute  with Chris and arranged for him to be expelled from the party by UKIP NEC of which Chris was an elected member. Lincolnshire UKIP is now in chaos. How many fptp elections has Crowther won? Like Baker none!

One of the Yeovil resignees remarked to me that there must now by plenty of good  ex-UKIP members to form a real leave the EU party. I think he is right and now is the time to act. Farage has never won a first past the post UK election in which he has stood as candidate and never will. Voters won't vote for him. He therefore can never get us out of the EU and should stop obstructing those who can win fptp elections. Farage is now the best asset the EU have to keep us a vassal state of Brussels.

You win at UK politics by backing winners ie candidates the electorate like and will vote for, not Farage's placemen and cronies who have zero electoral appeal. We saw this at the Eastleigh parliamentary by-election where my neighbour Ashdown reckoned Mrs James could have won for UKIP with better organisation against  a lack lustre LibDem and useless Tory.

Alan Sked, UKIP's founder is setting up a party called New Deal. He describes it as a left centre party. This gives me a big problem. We have had enough of left-right centre ground politics in my life time. Like Richard North and those who support his Harrogate agenda I want to change the political staus quo but unlike his group I recognise we have to use existing electoral rules to do so. I want a party that espouses common sense policies and common decency not this polarised, ya-boo irrelevant claptrap we get. No party has a monopoly on good policies. Coming from the working class I can see merit in somey Labour policies. Oxford and Bank of England enables me to see merit in some Tory policies. I don't honestly know what LibDems are for. They keep changing their mind so often!

Alan Sked wants a UK based party that will never send its elected members to Brussels which of course is de facto support for the EU. This is UKIP's huge con. For money and status it supports the EU. It is now a divisive party without a shred of principle or democracy. It is a cult.

I want a principled inclusive democratic party that will get us out of theEU. I urge others who want this to contact Alan Sked and offer him your support. I hope Nikki Sinclair, Mike Natrass, Roger Knapmanl, Bob Crow nd  Trevor Colman will support Alan. Farage has nothing to fear unless those who want a clean honest and decent anti-EU party unite  His email is:



alan wood said...

Met Alan Sked years ago when he was Party Leader. Impressed by his historical knowledge but not his political skills and personal charm.
His use of the Torygraph to discredit Farage sounds alarm bells for me.
Any party that wants to be left-of or right-of anywhere is an automatic failure.
The brand "left" or "right" automatically excludes half of the voting population.
It's a cause, and I see more support for an initiative like Nattrass's AIP.

Carl Humphries and Mike Nattrass MEP invite you to....


to hear why this new Party had to happen!

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Alan on the right left issue. I have pointed this out to Sked who does not see it as a problem. He is wrong. Why alienate half the electorate. Give everyone a chance to vote for you!

Off on my hols once more. Eastern Med etc. Back to see start of the Ashes.

ALAN WOOD said...

Time to come home Eric.
The "0uters" need some support from the bloggers.

EU Referendum
Wednesday 13 November 2013
YOUGOV poll shows dwindling support for leaving the EU.
It'll have to implode with massive debts. Not far away so not all is lost - Germany cannot field the Club-Med debts for ever !

Edward Spalton said...

I stuck with Dr Sked as UKIP leader until he flounced out. Too much of a prima Donna in my view. I left after the next great convulsion which brought the group we called "the Cabal" to power. They eventually emerged as the Faragistas. It was. Mike Nattras " crossing the floor" who gave them control of the NEC . That was in 2000