Tuesday, 8 October 2013

UKIP MEP members slate published

Click on http://www.trendingcentral.com/ukip-announces-final-mep-candidates-list/

to read it as reported on the web. The interesting thing will be to compare it with the post Farage list that goes to the electoral commission immediately prior to the election in 2014.

I am pleased for Julia Reid, no2 on the SW list. She will be a credit to UKIP.

As for Jill Seymour, no1 on the West Midlands list she will be as much use as a chocolate teapot.

All in not an inspiring collection so no threat to Nigel unless Mrs James, no 3 in the South East remains on the actual election list.


ALAN WOOD said...

When you compare the output of useful EU information for Eurosceptics by Dr. Richard North on his EUReferendum blog with the paucity of information going from the UKIP MEP team, it is clear that UKIP have a major problem in research and PR.
What North unearths (in conjunction with Booker) are diamonds that need to be sent to the public to counter the pap delivered by the pro-EU press and media.
Where is the PR team ? Its head is so weak that he only rates 3rd on a MEP list !
Where are the MEP's who should have been spending the past 4 years standing up in Public places frightening the public to death.
This is a cause, not a job or a career. Where is the pain ?

Mike Bridgeman said...

Like you Eric I am pleased for Julia and wish her well.
I am also very grateful for all Trevor has done during his time as an MEP. We were very fortunate.