Friday, 11 October 2013

Who wants to be a UKIP millionaire?

Its dead easy. You don't have to phone a friend or ask the audience, just suck up to Nigel at all times. To parody Nelson's advice, no waanabee UKIP millionaire (MEP) can go far wrong if he sucks up to Nigel and repeats and supports the Fuhrer spiel. This ensures your place on the UKIP MEP slate and a guaranteed 1 million pounds over 5 years from the EU!

Look at how this simple recipe worked for Legge, Agnew, Bannerman, Bloom, Nuttall and Clarke. Look at what happened to those who forgot this simple rule, Nikki, Natrass, Andreasen. Consigned to the outer darkness and cut off from the lovely EU lolly.

No talent? No problem! Lacking in intelligence? Not a handicap as Napoleon pointed out and as several current UKIP MEPs prove. Don't want to leave the EU? Not important! Just do what the Fuhrer orders and enjoy the EU benefits. Old Tory? No problem. Marched through quiet Sussex villages late at night chanting Nazi slogans and singing  the Horst Wessel song. Just youthful high spirits. Perfectly excusable.

Have principles? Seek another career. Have moral problems about associating with mid European neo Nazis? Seek another career. You are obviously not cut out to be a UKIP millionaire. Leave it to those with flexible moral postions and a real love of money!


ALAN WOOD said...

I was surprised to see UKIP in Andover take 2 County Council seats.

Tony Hooke is now being investigated for "bribing" the electorate by saying he'll give his "allowance" to charity. The other parties are desperate whistleblowers !

Tim Rolt has worked for UKIP for 20 years at least. With people of this calibre standing in local elections and winning at County level it is clear that UKIP could "frighten the horses" in 2014.

Farage is giving the other parties something to be concerned about - particularly the Tories whom he wants to split.

He is a canny operator and perhaps more ruthless than Wee Eck.

Eric Edmond said...

I know who I would rather have as leader. I know who is likely to deliver and who won't.

ALAN WOOD said...

So would I prefer the wee man but I think the tide is against him and running with Farage.

The sight of Boris and Osborne in China together suggests that the World Elite (of which Osborne is their approved man) expect the Tories to bomb in the European elections and that Cameron will have to be replaced with a popular figure like Boris.

Anonymous said...

There are also problems at branch level. At Exeter elections and candidate selection have been rigged.
The real problem is that in UKIP there is now no right of reply and totalitarianism is beginning to destroy the party from within.
I was the main activist in Exeter and the way I have been treated is quite shocking...

Eric Edmond said...


Deja Vu! Last time, 2008/09 the SW slate was fixed by Malcolm Wood. Legge came number 2. Without Wood's help I think he would have in the bottom half. When selected and elected Legge then employed Wood on EU money.

Rigged elections are the UKIP way. I raised this at the NEC with Del and David's support and got kicked off for my concerns. Gill, ex-Tory MP, serial backbewncher and Farage admirer, was supposed to oversee the probity of the selection but he was out of the country when complaints of rigging were coming in to me and Del.

UKIP is profoundly undemocratic. It is run as a Nigel Farage cult.

I was smeared and attacked by many in UKIP SW for my efforts to restore good governance to UKIP. The SW chairwoman told me she was not minded to address these problems which as you say will if allowed to continue destroy UKIP from within.

New members of UKIP will think they are the first to encounter these problems. They are not. Such problems will continue and worsen as long as the Farage cabal run UKIP.
My email is if you wish to contact me privately