Sunday, 8 December 2013

Crowther's fate was written 500 years ago

Machiavelli has been getting a lot of publicity recently mainly about his manual of political dirty tricks, the Prince,written 500 years ago. He had been secretary to the Florentine Republic sandwiched between two periods of Medici rule. After the Medii restoration he was kept under house arrest at his farm outside Florencee. The book was wriiten in an attempt to curry favour with the Medici and get his old job back.. In this he failed but the book published after his death lives on helped by the Pope immediately banning it after publication in 1530 along with all Macciavelli's other much better works.

One of Machiavelli's favourite stories concerns one Roberto Dordo who Cesare Borgia sent to snuff out a brewing revolution in the Italian town of Ceseena. Dordo certainly did that using the most brutal measures and in the process made himself the most hated man in town. When this started to effect Cesare's status with the people he had Dordo killed one dark night and his body hacked into two pieces and placed on a chopping block in the town square for the good citizens to awaken to. The citizens were very impressed by this brutal action but praised Cesare for ridding them of this hated man but they were equally terrified the same fate might befall them.

Thus did Renaissance princes rule. They knew that it was more important the people feared them and love was secondary. It was the same in the Godfather film.

Crowther seems to be becoming very unpopular with a number of UKIP branches. When his actions eventually become a serious embarassment with the party faithful to the Fuerher, Crowther will suffer metaphorically the same fate as Dordo. He will suffer as others have done in UKIP who were an encumbrance to Farage and were no longer useful. Denny springs to mind, dismissed after years of loyal unquestioning obedience and devoted service to Nigel. He surely deserved better.

The UKIP faithful will praise the wisdom of their great leader in ridding them of this man Crowther and the Cabal will get the message toe the Farage line or you will be next for the chop. Farage will get the praise and others the blame. That has been the political way since the dawn of time.

The Cabal are an ill educated bunch. If they knew history they might just recognise their impending fate. Bannerman jumped back to the Tories before he could be terminated. It is time for others to consider the fragility of their positions. Put not your trust in princes!

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