Sunday, 2 February 2014

Carney's DPhil supervisor agrees with Alec Salmond

Like Carney I did a DPhil at Oxford. Like Carney my supervisor was a Nobel prizewinner. Prof  Jim Mirrelees, economics Nobel laureate and Carney's supervisor disagrees with his former student. Every DPhil student I knew acknowledged their huge debt to their supervisor who finds them their thesis topic and invariably solves it for them as well.

Its all laid out in today's FT click below to read their words.

As I explained two days ago Carney is dependent on Osborne & Cameron for his current and future jobs. Both Dave  /Gideon want a No vote to Scottish Independence so they and their mouthpiece Carney  are clearly biased against the Nationalists.

Following Ireland becoming independent in 1922 the Irish were pegged their pound to  sterling on a one for one basis with sterling being accepted equally with the Irish pound in Eire. This arrangement lasted until 1978, some 56 years until the Irish applied to join the EMS when the parity link was broken and a punt/pound exchange rate was introduced. What is sauce for the Irish must be sauce for the Scots and Mr Carney is talking ill researched rubbish..

I am baffled ( D Abbott's favourite word) to understand why the Tories oppose Scotland leaving which is hugely to their electoral advantage. For the same reason it is easy to understand is thicko Darling's fronting up  the better off together. Labour cannot govern in the UK without its 50 or so Scottish LabourMPs.

More subtly consider what might happen if Alec S wins his referendum this year 2014 but the Milliband wins an absolute majority in the 2015 UK General Election 9 months later on an electorate still including Scottish voters. What happens when Scotland then leaves the UK to all these Scottish Labour MPs? Milliband would have to call another election on the reduced electorate which he would certainly lose to the knights of the shires. I opine this is pressing reason for Labour opposing Scottish independence.

Scotland has been a Labour rotten borough since the days of MacMillan. The grim council housing estates like Easterhouse built to consolidate the Labour vote remind me of Eastern Europe communist constructions. Depressing and soul destroying. Little wonder life expectancy in these grim estates is so low. That is the real face of a Sottish vote rejecting independence.

Its not just in the House of Lords that Labour thwart the will of the people by electoral fiddles. Every party does its just Labour does it better.


ALAN WOOD said...

There is a certain irony in UKIP wishing to have Independence from the EU whilst Alex Salmond wishes to re-join if he achieves Independence. Is that a lever for England and Wales to cave in and accept the EU lock, stock and barrel, with or without a referendum ?

I can only believe that the Cameron government will not be unhappy about Scottish Independence if it saves them some money and undermines UK Independence from the EU.

The Scots may be unhappy, eventually, if they are precluded from keeping the pound and are stuck with the Eurozone, but you can bet that Cameron, Clegg and Miliband will lessen any pain by accepting the need to help Scotland during transition (whilst pretending to be disappointed, aghast, concerned etc).

The EU are bound to keep Scotland sweet for a while, as they have with Ireland, until the German money runs out when they realise they have another mouth to feed.

And what of the praised Scottish legal system ? Will they be happy to toe the EU line ?

I can see the prospect of an exodus to England with UKIP wanting to keep out EU citizens without jobs unless they are British-born.

Prepare for a bumpy ride on both sides of the border.

Mike Bridgeman said...

To add to your bafflement the Cons have been banging on about boundary changes since 2010 in order to make a more level electoral playing field. They gave Clegg his AV ref. in exchange for their support (joke).
The biggest boundary change ever, all in the Cons favour, is dismissed.
So why?
I think the question is, who has most to lose by Scotland becoming independent? Someone across the water is pulling Cameron's strings in my view.