Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Farage Clegg LBC debate

Like many I watched the TV debate. I thought the moderator somewhat favoured Clegg. The You Gov  post debate poll gave it 57% to Farage. That was not good enough for the media who had to produce their biased unscientific vox pops.

Clegg came across as a typical Westminister smarmy politician full of weasel words and dodgy statistics.

Farage did well I thought but he missed a couple of points. One the Clegg line we will have a EU referendum when there ws further significant transfers iof power to Brussels. Note the weasel word 'significant'. Who says what is significant? A question Farage shoul have put. He almost got there when he pointed out the process of power transfer was continuous.

The second point related to the House of Commons library estimate that only 7% of our laws were made by Brussels. Who asked the question? How did they arrive at that figure? What demarcation    lines were used?

Farage did well but he did not put the ball into the net.

I however thought Farage was brave and right to say the EU had blood on its hands over the Ukraine situation. He is absolutely right and I was proud he said so.


ALAN WOOD said...

Spot on Eric.

Its such a pity that Farage is not made to sit down and read Richard North's comments on his EUReferendum blog.

Clegg put up skittles that Farage could have knocked over with one ball.

He also needs to go further with slow-delivery sarcastic wit. Has he never seen Bob Hope work an audience ?

Farage is like an old music hall act with the same material that you saw the last time he was in town, and the twenty times before that.

He needs to up his game for next week.

Eric Edmond said...

Agreed Alan. I will write some more today on this topic. I was too upset a the manner of Murray's defeat last night to write more. The umpiring at thes last two US tennis tournaments has been deplorable and Murray has been the victim twice.