Monday, 3 March 2014

Farage the skeleton hunter General

That's the message in today's Daily Mail article:

Its a typical piece of I can do what I want and have who I like undemocratic system that the EU would be proud of and Mr Farage loves.

One quote summarises:

Other stipulations include: 'I have never been a member of or had links with any organisation, group or association which the national executive committee considers is liable to bring the party into disrepute'.

The NEC is completely controlled by Farage. In my days people like MEP candidate Jill Seymour were plain scared of Farage and could not cope with his basilisk Medusa  stare.

So it boils down to carte blanche for Farage to have whohe wants as MEP candidates.

Democracy does not exist in UKIP. Branches who want their own local candidate are simply overuled in favour of Andreasen types. 

EUKIP Is not a political party its Nigel Farages fiefdom..


ALAN WOOD said...

Andreason was Farage's choice.
Old pal Bloom was Farage's choice.
Campbell-Bannerman was Farage's choice.
Lord Pearson was Farage's choice.
Dartmouth was Farage's choice.
Agnew was Farage's choice.

Not much good at man management or HR as they call it now.

Eric Edmond said...

Agreed. As I wrote its not a democratic party just a Farage dictatorship.