Sunday, 9 March 2014

LibDems go on the offensive against Farage and the Tories

They have not got much to lose. He who is down needs fear no fall as we used to sing at school on the morning of the Higher Maths exam. A recent poll asked its respondents to summarise Clegg in one word. The overwhelming response was "Liar". His broken pledge to the students will not be forgotten.

He was on the radio saying how wonderful the EU was for him with his Dutch mother, Spanish wife, housekeeper, nanny and gardner and previous Brussels EU career. A bit like Downton Abbey. But like the Crawleys the money comes from his rich Spanish wife. Its good to know Clegg is so in touch with the ordinary people of the UK.

I do hope in 2015 Red Ed wipes out this sordid party and the Old Etonian party as well.

The Cabal is peddling its old BNP lies. I do wish they would put their names to these lies. I could do with a lucrative libel action.

It was two to one on the AN show that Clegg will trounce Farage in their forthcoming debate. I am looking forward to it. As Oscar Wilde might have said its the unspeakable debating with the contemptible.


Anonymous said...

.....watched by the insanely jealous

ALAN WOOD said...

Loved Sky this morning when they discussed Clegg's love of things British - such as TEA - whilst he was clearly drinking something else.
Hypocrite !

Eastleigh has been a good spot for them.
Remember Stephen Milligan their Tory MP who resorted to auto-erotic "fun" and died in weird circumstances.

He was succeeded by my classmate and fellow apprentice David (now Baron) Chidgey. He worked for Hampshire County Council until 1973, and then as a consulting engineer with Brian Colquhoun and Partners until 1994.

In the dark days of John Major David clearly drove the Lib-Dem machine in Hampshire where he won the by-election after Milligan's death.

I was his best man at his wedding to his lovely wife April and we still exchange Xmas cards.

David was in some respects similar to Mike Bridgeman and myself as Engineer who made their way in the world by hard work.

His international job as a professional Civil Engineer probably framed his views about the EU and Africa.

In my experience Lib-Dems tend to have an educated background and a liberal side.

David was a democrat in lots of ways but his lifestyle marked him as more L/D than Tory. His record in office is similar to his nature.

Unlike David, Too many Lib-Dems have dodgy, liberal lifestyles, and are wedded to the EU.

ALAN WOOD said...

I see that my phraseology was misleading.

David Chidgey supports the EU, but his lifestle was strictly heterosexual, although he was down to his underpants in my wife's home whilst playing a grown-up game among friends.

Whilst a participant in the Portsmouth Carnival he also had an interesting line in attire and at our annual Apprentice's dance he did enjoy his Roman toga !

Perhaps I've misjudged him ?

As I was also in a toga .......

Eric Edmond said...

See you in the Senate when I find my toga!

Lib Dems are in a stew. Good!