Saturday, 1 March 2014

Nelson had Emma, Farage has Neil

Another fine mess you have got UKIP into Nigel


ALAN WOOD said...

Staffordshire South East in the 1996 by-election was my initiation into Politics. I stood on a Restoration of the Death Penalty platform along with others with a similar view. The death of trooper Rigby at Woolwich confirms my view that for abhorrent crime death by hanging is kinder than incarceration for life.
A woman who admits to killing 3 men in grisly circumstances is another who should be put down. A mad dog.

UKIP fielded a candidate and had less publicity than myself as the local editor gave me a full page.

Sometimes a "cause" touches the public. Independence for Scotland is a case in point. Removing a leader as in Libya, Syria, Egypt and now Ukraine ignites the public.

The UKIP concentration on Immigration will overcome their political gaffes and help their cause, particularly in the European elections.

Dr. Richard North has bemoaned the waste of his work on flooding - unfortunately the floods were so bad because of the effects of nature the EU "contribution" has been nullified in the face of overkill by Mother Nature.

That subject will be of help to UKIP candidates in Somerset at the General Election.

As much as I loathe Farage in many respects, he touches the right buttons and matches Alex Salmond for his ripostes to the press and in particular the overt anti-UKIP BBC.

If Farage is not already aware of it their job is to create news, probing dodgy people and testing the politicians. They will be hostile and Farage needs to lighten up and get them onside.
He needs to understand that the left-leaning BBC would appreciate the odd bone that gives UKIP support for the Labour supporters of the country where he needs votes and who are affected by EU policies. Immigration is one of those subjects and it was interesting that on Any Questions the Labour lady on the panel articulated the UKIP case !

Is Farage that wise? Can he pull more anti-EU rabbits out of the hat for a general election.

This is how I would approach it - pick several subjects dear to the public's heart WHICH ARE SERIOUSLY AFFECTED BY EU POLICY.
Keep it simple. Keep repeating it.

Eric Edmond said...

Totally agree Alan. Farage is hiting the right buttons. The difference beween UKIP & the SNP, who have a much harder task than Farage has, is that the SNP have an organisation that will get their vote out on the night, UKIP hanr nowt. The other big difference is their back up to Alec, Nicola Srurgeon, a woman begad and John Swinney on Treasury matter.