Friday, 27 June 2014

UKIP flaws exposed on Question Time

I rarely watch QT neither the panel, except when Starkey or Melanie Philips are on,  or  the audience are worth listening to however by accident I viewed last night's edition.  Paul Nuttall, UKIP's deputy leader and Farage toady was on. He was dreadful, a typical member of the cabal.

Nuttall illustrated the low quality of  UKIP MEPs. He even managed to make John Prescott look and sound like an intellectual heavyweight. The Islamic gent ran rings round him as did the former NoW executive editor. Poor intellect is a UKIP MEP characteristic but that is only one of UKIP's many flaws.

The Tory, Anna Soubry, former Tory student activist and TV media person annihilated Nuttall on his poor attendance record at Brussels and thus his failure to 'represent' his constituents. She rebuffed the Bootle boy's waffle by asking him to return his salary as he was not doing the job.

When I was on the SW MEP list I knew this was an inevitable line of attack the LibLabCons would use. In my 2008 hustings address I stated I would not take the EU bribe of an MEP salary but if forced to I would send it to UKIP. (I did say I would take the expenses I incurred in any trips I felt I had to make to Brussels.) I was vilified for this by the EU money driven UKIP cabal and I have no doubt it was a significant factor in my being driven out of UKIP.

It was a no brainer for me. I had seen how the Gerry Adams led IRA had avoided being tainted by British gold and kept faith with their cause leading to their eventual victory. UKIP at the top is dominated by carpetbaggers whom the EU have bought and controlled.

Sending MEPs to Brussels legitimises and supports the EU. It was a huge political mistake which will eventually eat up UKIP. Judas is forever linked to the 30 pieces of silver the Romans paid him to betray Jesus. The rotten money driven UKIP cabal have given the Europhiles all they need to crucify our cause.

"O tempora o mores"


Anonymous said...

I voted UKIP at the Euro elections so that they could campaign to get us out of the EU. I am quite happy if they never attend and I would guess most people who voted for them think the same. Did any UKIP MEP say that they are going to Brussels to make it work better?

Anonymous said...

PS this
"The Tory, Anna Soubry, former Tory student activist and TV media person annihilated Nuttall on his poor attendance record at Brussels and thus his failure to 'represent' his constituents. "
Is rather ironic. The UK is very unrepesented in the EU as we have far less MEPs than our size demands, why doesn't she camplain about that.

Eric Edmond said...

Derek Clarke, former UKIP MEP meeting stated to me at an NEC meeting he could not send his views on the Lisbon Treaty to the HoL committee considering it because he was busy with his EU committee work.

That really says it all about UKIP MEPs. Numerous Tory, LibDem, Labour and Eurozone MEPs submitted evidence to that committtee but Mr Clarke was too busy working for the EU.

I have been frequently smeared by the cabal for losing my temper at the NEC. A blatant lie to distract the members from the truth about Clarke.

Tell me Anon what would you have said to Clarke in these circumstances. Whitaker the chairman did rebuke Clarke saying you were not sent to Brussels to support the EU.

Clarke was of course re-selected and elected in 2009

Anonymous said...

I think that he was wrong in this case. It doesn't mean that UKIP MEPs should not be in the EU parliament because of one case.
(Also in this case the flaw is with the person rather than the strategy).
BTW I agree with 80% of what you say so keep up the good work.