Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Salmond & Darling: Lessons for UKIP

I watched round 2 of this debate last night. Salmond won hands down because as one lady in the audience spotted he was figting for the Scotland and Darling was just trying to keep his job and the Labour party in power. The UKIP faithful should realise this is exactly what is going on with Farage and his useless cabal. They are there for the EU's 30 pieces of silver and not to save our country from the EU vandals.

The No campaign of sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt has been unremittingly negative and without vision. As one gent in the audience remarked if we are better off together why have the Scots seen the opposite? YOU CAN'T FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME!

I visited Scotland recently and certainly things have improved under the SNP administration. For too long Labour have used their huge majority of Scottish MPs to prop uptheir useless ideology. It was priceless to see the left wing Darling acting as Tory boy Cameron's Scottish stoodge. Darling is like Cameron a former public schoolboy who belives his kind are born to rule. Salmond went to a state school and Heriot Watt founded on engineering excellence not rowing, rugby and public school cricket.

The currency debate is a typical piece of professional politicians red herring. Nothing can stop an independent Scotland using the pound sterling if they so choose. As for my former employer the Bank of England it is run by a Canadian with an American deputy. It most certainly is not independent and the MPC has never had a Scottish representative. It has always been totaly London based except it  has had at least two US based members that I can think of! Central banking is easy. A level economics plus the Taylor rule suffices to set interest rates.

The BoE's principle occupation recently has been printing about £360 bn of paper money  and calling it by a big name to confuse the general public.

The day after Scotland votes for independence negotitions will start for a common pound sterling currency because it would be in everyone's best interests.

It was nice to listen Salmond who believes in his cause. Farage only believes in Nigel Farage!

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