Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The 3 million UK jobs depend on EU membership LibDem lie

The first LibDem one I remember pedaling this line was Shirley Williams then a Labour cabinet minister during 1975 Wislon's phoney referendum. She is a rich hypocrite who has got richer on the backs of the poor. Do as I say not as I do has been Mrs Williams motto since 1975.

It is only recently this claim has been properly challenged and the sordid LibDems are now rowing back from their big lie to the smaller untruth that 3 million UK jobs are linked to our trade with the EU and that the EU is the biggest market trading block in the world which is also untrue.

One can debate economic arguments endlessly but I prefer common sense, a scarce commodity amongst economists, backed up by personal observation.

The EU's major players France, Germany and Italy make roughly the same goods as we do which means UK sales into the EU are difficult and certainly less profitable than selling into former British colonies. Sure we still have to compete with the EU but its a more level market which cannot be skewed in favour of the home team as happens in the EU. I am in France just now and I have observed that the wine list in restaurants is entirely comprised of French wine. Not a drop of New Zealand white or Argentinian Malbec to be had. (NB Major Warry)

A very smart businessman once told me that there are many countries that are easy to trade with but very difficult to trade profitably with. Whereas countries that are difficult to trade withif you can crack it are  profitable. That is the point the Europhiles miss. There is no point in doing business except tomake a profit and its damn hard to do that in The EU with the table rigged against you by Mutti Merkel and the French.

I conclude if we exited the EU, negotiate bilateral trade deals on our own rather than losing jobs UK employment will increase. Profits drive employment not politicians.


Niall Warry said...

Well spoken that man you make a lot more sense when you aren't discussing what an exceptionally great leader and politician Alex Salmond is!!

As to not drinking French wine what is the point of visiting France? I suppose there is at least the Perrier water you can add to you Scotch Whisky!!

Eric Edmond said...

I have never drunk whisky and I drink Pellegrino water.

Niall Warry said...

You'll be telling us next that you don't swear, smoke or partake in sex?!

Eric Edmond said...

I have never smoked. I swear like a private 3rd class should swear and I am a practising heterosexual.

Niall Warry said...

Glad to hear it but why no alcohol?!

Eric Edmond said...

Only no whisky. Idrink wine and beer.

Why your interest in my drinkig and other habits?