Thursday, 25 September 2014

Farage is delusional

Tomorrow UKIP hits the big time. Hours of coverage of their party conference on BBC2 starting at 10:00 am something Farage has dreamed about but still he is not happy. He is accusing Cameron of scheduling his Iraq war debate to steal UKIP's conference publicity. Farage is barking. Yesterday there was an all day debate in the UN with Obama and all the big noises participating. Cameron and the FCO want to keep their place at the top table just like in the Buller so have to be seen to be doing something. Parliament has to be recalled. They remember being bounced into expensive bloody wars by warmonger Blair. Farage would be well advised to shut up and act patriotic. Its bad luck for UKIP but nothing will be gained by complaining. Tomorrow is a day for heavyweight UK politicians with lots of international relations experienced not jumped up ill educated oiks from down the pub..

Better for Farage to concentrate on the Heywood & Middleton where I expect UKIP to come second. Maybe if Farage made an effort to support the UKIP candidate they might win!

PS Tweet tonight from Isabel Hardman

In a press briefing after his speech, Farage conceded that the party wasn't going to win in Heywood. Post with that and other lines shortly

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