Friday, 12 September 2014

Scottish Opinion Polls & Labour MPs

I can think of nothing better for Alex S than pictures of 100 sordid, expenses grubbing Labour MPs going on mass to Scotland to beg the Scots to vote No. They are simply trying to save their own worthless skins and the Scots will see that.

The polls are interesting but seriously flawed. People who took their name off the electoral register in Scotland because of Thatcher's poll tax are now putting their names back on the register but they won't be on the list of electors supplied to the pollsters. Guess which way they will vote, not for the Nos I opine.

The pollsters hence have a biased sample which will underestimate the Yes vote.

Anyway I am of to Scotland to participate in the big rammy as A Neil would say so probably no blogging for a while.

Vote Farage for Thannet!                      

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