Monday, 22 September 2014

Where did UKIP candidate John Bickley grow up?

This is John Bickley UKIP's candidate  in the Heywood & Middleton byelection.


Michael Crick on Twitter today

  1. To avoid doubt or confusion in any future by-elections, maybe keen Ukip candidate John Bickley should tell us now all the places he grew up
  2. In June, when Bickley picked as Ukip cand for Weaver Vale, Cheshire, he was glad to stand for "local" seat as lived 20 years in Cuddington
  3. John Bickley, Ukip by-election cand, says he was raised on council est in Middleton. Yet in Feb Ukip said he grew up on a Wythenshawe estate

Oh Dear! What has Comrade Nuttall not been doing. It seems pretty easy to clear up just. publish Mr Bickley's CV.

Expect more of this in the run up to the General election. I hope other UKIP candidates' CVs are clean..


Niall Warry said...

UKIP prove on a regular basis that, even after 20 years, they are still rank amateurs in many areas of politics as they simply cannot be bothered to spend the time to get these things right.

Under Nigel Farage UKIP will sadly NEVER develop into a serious party.

Eric Edmond said...

Agreed Major. Having the same candidate standing 3 times with 3 different stories is giving it to the oppo.

Clive Page said...

Just settle down.No confusion at all,John was born in Wythenshaw as we said during that by election.He has a local connection in this constituency as his family moved here for three years when John was three.It is quite sensible to use a candidates local connection.
When he stood in Cheshire he pointed out that he had lived in that area for more then 20 years.Again making the point that he had a connection.
Nothing amateur about it.Just good practice.
However please do not let the facts stop you from producing anti-|UKIP bile.
Regards to you both

Clive Page

Eric Edmond said...


Thx for clarifying the matter. It was not me but Michael Crick who picked this up. It could all have been avoided by publishing a full CV for the candidate. Now failure to do that is amateurish!

Glad to see you are back in NF's goodbooks. Let me know when you are down West and we will have a drink.

Eric Edmond said...


I have never been anti-UKIP as you state. On the contrary I have always been very pro-UKIP which has many good people like yourself.

I do not however see Nigel Farage as a UKIP asset, quite the opposite. The media have now sussed Farage and you are going to have a tough time covering up for him. Good luck but rememeber you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Henry IX said...

Dooohhhhhhhhh!! What a wally you are 'Deadmond'!!!!