Wednesday, 1 October 2014

BBC reads and acts on my Tweets

On Monday 29th Sept, apologies for the mis-spellings, I tweeted:

  1. Is it not time someone asked Cameron what is his plan B if his renegotion fais? Salmond was pilloried by the Tories on this.
  2. Glad to see Nick Robinson took up my suggestion tonight on 6pm News

On the 10pm news up popped Nick Robinson again with the same item

Click below and skip 13mins 21 secs in to see the piece

It was Paxman v Howard all over again! Cameron was being evasive five times over and it showed.

Do I mind not being credited? Not really I just hope I get a lot more followers for my tweets. Iam @NortonSubHamdon. The link to this blog goes automatically out as one of my tweets.

I hope its Farage who gets this treatment from Robinson next time on what the URL link is to details of his expenses he claims are avalable on the web. I have never heard of anyone who could find them. My conclusion? They don't exist. Another chance for Mr Robinson to make Farage squirm.

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Henry IX said...

Nice try, 'Deadmond'. The only Paxman v Howard is you trying to avoid explaining why you kept writing 'Vote Farage in Thanet' at the end of every post despite dedicating your whole life trying to denigrate him!! You call yourself a 'DR', surely you're capable of making some defence or just be man enough to admit you know diddly squat about politics!!!